The history of an Italian medium: part 9



The experiments of the guide Amedeo

The most interesting aspect of the activity of this guide (from October to December 1945) consists of the indications given to the sitters on the medium's position during the séances. (October 23, 1945) ...The guide: "A spirit wishes a lot of light to Gino Franchi and Mario Saroldi. Can you do me a favor? I can not understand how you are arranged for this event. I would like to give you some useful advice on the placement". We answer: "The sensitive is in a room, lying on a chair, and is located in front of a door that communicates with another room, in which we are gathered and arranged in a semicircle. We and the medium, if necessary, can be separated by a curtain that can close the opening between the two rooms". Again the guide: "You are sitting and the medium is separate from you. You should place yourself with the medium in the middle. I passed away a long time ago and I believed like you. Sorry if I tell you this, but I always speak in the name of the great Father: would you please close the curtain?" The curtains are closed. "Now that you are separated from the sesitive by a cloth, could you make a big light in your room? Take care, however, that no ray penetrates on this side of the curtain". We turn on a 40 Watt lamp that is used for the normal lighting of the room (the lamp stays lighted until the end of the session). The guide: "I thank you".

(November 5, 1945) Following the guide's advive, the medium is placed in the middle of our room, and the sitters arrange themselves in a circle, around him, at a distance of about one meter. About 15 minutes later, the chair, where the psychic is already in full trance, moves twice away from his place for at least half a meter. Then the guide speaks: "Good thoughts of God to everybody. Even tonight you are here again. I see eleven vibrations including the sensitive. Thank you for arranging in order to please me. My happiness is great. Do you have a powerful light? Would you like to switch it on and then off immediately?" "Yes, we have the powerful light, and we can do what you asked for, but we remind you that the psychic is not sheltered by the curtain like the other nights, and turning on the light all of a sudden" "Understood". After a few minutes: "Now you can operate". The light is switched on and off immediately. Still the guide: "Thank you for fulfilling my thought. A vibration only remembers Peruzzi, perhaps the name of his body. He is happy and wishes everyone good luck. Thank you again with all my light for having done so".       

Again a few minutes of interval, then the guide speaks again: "Forgive my material sentence, but I was studying. The other night I told you that a receiving channel was atrophied. Now I realize that it is not completely so; this too perceives a subtle vibration of life. Now please be silent". We all gather our thoughts and an absolute silence reigns in the room; the duration is short because the guide still communicates: "Here, I have taken away all the reception of the other receiving organ, and if this were completely atrophied my voice would not reach you and this man would have already passed away. His heart beats a little faster, but it does not hurt him". At this point the chair where the medium is lying moves several times in various directions. The guide: "Here, I command again to the matter. Now I will say to the thought of this medium to command his body to get up". The medium, in fact, always in full trance, sits on the chair, and then returns to the primitive position. Always the guide: "I am happy with this test of you, which shows how you truly love God. Please do not ask me why I did this, do not excite your curious senses. I am trying to do something beatiful for you and me. When you meet, it would be good for you to arrange yourselves like the previous times, and the next sitting like now. In a word, arranging in an alternative way. Many spirits touch you and are happy with these my deeds and my study. Light to everybody".  

(November 13, 1945) The guide: "Light. Good thoughts of God to all. Excuse my certainly material question: since at this moment I only see your spirits, can you tell me how are you arranged? Are you separated by a screen?" "Yes, tonight we are separated" ...Following the guide's instructions, the curtains are closed and in the sitters' room the light is switched on. The guide communicates again: "Perhaps you will ask me about my actions: I want to see if I can make the other cell of the medium also work. May be that it can be reactivated to its first state; at least I hope so. Now you have a screen that divides you from the sensitive. Your eyes can not see through matter, so you have not seen what the medium did: I managed to make him stand up and I communicated with you while he continued to stay in that position". We ask: "How can you get to reproduce the voice that once had your body?" "I can try to explain it to you simply, because otherwise you would not understand. My thought communicates with the thought of this man who, in turn, transmits it to the organs of his body and, according to the vibration of the communicating spirit, you hear the different tones of the voice. The colour of my thought's vibration is violet. Now I'm studying, removing this cell would be everything. Tell me, how do you hear my voice?" "We can hear it very well". "Here, pay attention, do you want to repeat the thought that I tell you?" A few moments of silence, then again the guide: "Did you hear my thought?" "No" "I told you: in the misfortunes the... the Turk is resigned, the French hopes, the German starts again, the English kills himself and the Italian goes to play the lottery. It was a material phrase whatever, to make me hear from you"...

The minutes, which are interrupted on November 13, do not provide any further information about Amedeo's experiments. According to what Ravaldini wrote in Realtà e Mistero, in this period the medium, when he was isolated in a room different from that of the sitters, was no longer in the kitchen but in another room: «The living room also communicated with another room – also without windows – in which there were very few pieces of furniture. In view of the fact that from the kitchen sometimes noises coming from outside were heard, we decided to use the other internal room as a mediumistic cabinet…», as highlighted in the map shown hereafter.

Instead, when the medium was in the living room, in the middle of the circle of the sitters, Ravaldini was able to observe very well the movements of his chair and his body, since the red light was always on. Here is what he wrote about that in the issue 1995/4 of Luce e Ombra (page 436): «During the séances in which the medium is among us, the room is unlikely to stay in the dark: it is almost always lit by a red lamp (except for some very short period in which – as I said – we are asked to turn on the white light), which allows us to see very well what happens. And it is during these particular sittings that I can see de visu, for the first time, the various phases of Urbino's trance, but above all localize from different angles – depending on the location of the armchair in which he is in deep trance – the point from which the voice of Amedeo and the other entities that speak, talking with the sitters, springs. These aspects of the phenomenon, which I always face with absolute calm and serenity, have long been an integral part of my life. So all the unfolding of the séance is in front of me, in front of my eyes, sometimes astonished for what they are seeing».  

«From the moment in which the trance begins, the medium's legs, whose feet are resting on the floor, gradually rise up to arrange themselves horizontally, with the parts protruding from the armchair kept suspended in mid-air; his whole body becomes rigid, and assumes the characteristics of a state that I would define as a cataleptic. The color of his skin becomes cadaverous and the breathing seems completely suspended. No part of his body is in contact with the floor, and yet, while Amedeo's voice is speaking to us, the armchair on which he is lying moves, easily wandering into the empty space inside the circle that we sitters have left. It is therefore a matter of remarkable telekinetic movements, that is, movements occurring without anyone, at least apparently, is moving the chair. Not only that, but also his body, stiffened on the armchair with folded arms, moves, sometimes noticeably, without using any support point, just as if invisible hands raised it, turning it around. And already these phenomena are a true mystery to me. But the greatest, deepest, most impenetrable mystery is given by the observation of the point – which sometimes is moving in the air – from which Amedeo's voice springs forth. As much as I try to look, I can not see anything, absolutely nothing, because all that is beyond that point, beyond that voice, is perfectly visible: the sitters, the furniture and the walls of the room. Nothing shows what it is that produces the voice, which seems to spring from a phantom speaker, not only – I would say – but from a speaker that could very well be the terminal part of a hi-fi electronic device. Moreover, my gaze runs repeatedly, during each sitting, from the voice to the lips of the medium, which appear bloodless, but always perfectly still. ...Still on the subject of ectoplasm, I add that in the period in which Amedeo remained with us, during a session we observed that, right in front of the medium, a human shape was forming, a half-white, but very nebulous torso, which, however, disappeared within a few seconds».     

The same article (page 447) reported other observations by Ravaldini on Amedeo's experiments: «The experiments carried out by Amedeo consisted of movements, even a few meters, and sometimes fast, of the armchair on which the medium was lying; of lifting, shaking and self-knotting, of the sliding curtains that separated the sitters' room from the one used as a mediumistic cabinet. Sometimes the medium himself was lifted on the armchair, while being in a deep trance state, until he stayed upright and stiff while Amedeo was talking to us. But the phenomenon that most impressed me was that of strong blows beaten on the floor by something invisible, non-existent, but whose noise I immediately matched to that of a bundle of iron rods, dropped from a considerable height. I know that noise well, having worked in a metallurgical factory, where iron rods were used to make metal screws and nets. In short, a whole series of blows and movements, while the medium was stiffened on his armchair and no part of his body moved. All these physical phenomena, combined with the most important – the direct voice – were lived by me: I would almost say that I could savor them, sipping them for a long time. And these are objective, undoubted facts that must force us to meditate for a long time. It is a phenomenology, as I said at the beginning, very difficult to accept for those who did not observe it personally, so much so that I often found myself faced with people who expressed their disbelief, logic on the other hand. Some parapsychologists tried to make me believe that these are things that do not matter, that do not prove anything, because basically it is just spiritualism, a topic that should not even be taken into account. I believe, however, that facts are facts, and with whatever terminology we want to indicate them, nothing changes. I just have to point out that it is very reductive, I would say very short-sighted, a biased negativity towards phenomena that would need to be held in proper consideration, even if we want to interpret them exclusively in a psychological point of view, attributing them to the overwhelming power of our subconscious».   

Other Ravaldini's testimonies on the phenomena occurring during the short period of Amedeo are reported in Realtà e Mistero: «The curtains, suddenly, close and open themselves with very rapid movements, making a considerable noise due to the sliding of the rings on the metal rod to which they are fixed. When the curtains are closed they are shaken with force. These sudden shakings produce dull, but very strong blows... With open curtains the light of the red bulb allows us to see the medium motionless on his armchair, still in trance... a curtain is slammed so violently that the air movement does not only invests all the sitters, but it also hits a closed door of the room where we are, making it swing. Then the curtains open completely and remain motionless, while silence returns supreme» (page 159).   

«The curtains return to close and open again... the terminal part of one of them – precisely the right one with respect to the sitters – lifts up very quickly and lays on the knees of one of us who is sitting near the curtains Then it withdraws... Intermittent blows, strong enough, are heard in the middle of the mediumistic cabinet. A curtain, always the right one, which is in an open position, knots itself at its end, rises up and falls gently on the head of one of us. Then it returns to its place, while the knot is untied» (page 160).      

«I have already said what was the usual position of the medium on his armchair during the trance, that is, a supine position with folded arms, feet lifted from the floor and straight and rigid legs. Now the medium is moving on the armchair. His body rotates about ninety degrees and lies there on his side, while his legs bend so that he finds himself all crouched. After a few seconds he seems to wake up from the trance, while he complains that he is in an uncomfortable position. But as soon as he has uttered a few words, he falls back into a state of full unconsciousness. So the armchair, which is just less than one meter beyond the threshold of the open door, in front of which we are, moves quickly to the center of the mediumistic cabinet, which is a room of about 5 x 5 meters. And almost immediately – it is a phenomenon that seems unbelievable – goes crashing into the left wall (with respect to us sitters) of the room, which is almost devoid of furniture. The clatter of the armchair dragged on the brick floor and the impact against the wall are very strong... But I can not see which side or corner of the chair has crashed against the wall... The chair must have traveled a little over two meters in a very short time. Then, still dragging on the floor, it returns gently to its place. The medium, which we can still see crouched on his side, performs a reverse rotation to the previous one and puts him self again supine, while his legs relax and assume the usual position of the trance state» (pag.161).

Communications of the guide Amedeo

The few communications by Amedeo transcribed in the minutes are edifying and refer to eternal life and a cosmic environment: (October 16, 1945) "For now, I am your guide. I heard your thoughts from a point of infinite and immediately I came. When your thought caught me, I touched maybe a nebula or that matter that forms what you call stars. I felt an immense joy. Your thought was welcomed by others too, and they came, who knows how many! For me it is a joy to come to you; then I go back to the infinite. Now we are close to the material and we can remember earthly things".

(October 23, 1945) The guide: "Good thoughts of God to all. You have dark on your planet, I perceived it through you, and so another day has passed. A spirit wishes light to everybody; it is a spirit that I can not see due to his high vibration. I have no body, but it's strange, I feel pretty good even when I communicate with you. Do you hear the sound well? Certainly it is material for you, now that you must take advantage of the matter; but also from it we can see the greatness of our Father. His creative hand has arranged everything. It is up to the spirit to subdue matter, that is why God has given us the body. Here is a continuous going and coming of vibrations. Who comes, who goes, who touches; and who knows where they come from?" We ask: "Can you explain to us how you perceive these vibrations?" "It's a point, a thought, but you can not understand. It is something immaterial that your words can not describe. All the higher spirits, however, are not perceived by my light". A spirit intervenes that communicates in a language unknown to us. Then again the guide: "One, perhaps, spoke in a language that is not yours. He said: «We must love each other. On Earth they teach us to hate, but we must all be brothers». This vibration too is higher than mine and I can not perceive it. I see all those lower than me and those that have the same light, but here among us all is love. Another spirit wishes you a lot of good and has a good thought because he says: «Flowers, flowers», but he does not say the name of his body. Here, I submit to a spirit, I accept his thought to be transmitted to you in sound".  

"In a few  moments I return to the infinite. I realized, through my feeling, that when you meet like this, at whatever point of the infinite I am, you find me, I hear a call and I leave to come to you. Evil, dear brothers, you have the feeling that it exists. How could God, who gives life to nothingness, think of evil? He gave us the origin and took away the end. He is the consoling Father; everything is love on his part. The joys here are endless and have nothing to do with the earthly ones that, even if they exist, are ephemeral. A little while ago I picked up your thought, and now I am to you. Where was I? Perhaps was I in a nebula? I do not remember. My joy was so great, but when your thought caught me, I was even happier. Everything can be achieved in God. Is it not He who, with his lively fluids, makes the sun shine on your planet, makes seeds sprout, gives life to animals and finally body to spirits? Evil does not exist, it has never been created. Your present personality is non-existent. All that I tell you can not seem true to you, but unfortunately it is. Having no more a body, I realize that all I have suffered is like when we wake up from a dream and realize that nothing has existed. I am happy because one day you will realize that these statements of mine are not false. I am so happy because I loved God my way, when I had a body. If you go to the church, you will find that it is all time lost, and that you will turn away from God. I thank you so much for what you do, and to let me tell you such a beautiful thing; I thank you in the name of God. You who had the great, the divine, the immense fortune of communicating with us, be happy. A lot of light to everybody".   

(November 13, 1945) "God's law is based on love, adding love, multiplying love, you obtail always love. Remember, brothers, that your thought that leaves the material is born of the greatest love, of that complex of mysterious forces that you call God. From him we expect, not death, but eternal life. He gave us a body so that we can enjoy more at our passing; he gave us a body because, joined to matter, he wanted us to experience non-existent pains; he gave us the joy of being united with matter so that we can direct it to good or evil, according to the command of our spirit, even if physical pain grips a part of our body. By loving God, we will never fail". Still in the same séance communicates a spirit that says: "Before returning to you with a body, I want to say goodbye. At this moment, just in this moment, when you will no longer hear my voice, I will have entered a body. I'll be a kiddy, maybe a baby girl. Here, at this moment I enter into a bod..." The guide: "He was a spirit that wanted to talk other times, but he waited to get a new body. Now he will plunge himself into the material pains, which actually do not exist at all".

The medium's crisis and interruption of the séances

At the end of 1945 Urbino Fontanelli had a crisis, due to which the séances were interrupted for a few months: evidently the difficulties of life, the passing of the years and the expenditure of energy required by the mediumship he was gifted of, began to affect his psychic equilibrium. In issue 1996/1 of Luce o Ombra (page 47) Ravaldini thus recalled the events of that period: «Mediums are almost always hypersensitive beings (ours was so in a particular way) and human affairs often affect them in such a way as to alter their behavior, which can take unexpected and almost incomprehensible aspects. To this must always be added the fact – not to be underestimated – that in the vast majority of cases the state of deep trance in which they fall deprives them totally from seeing and hearing what happens during the séances. Therefore they are relegated to the role of passive instruments; their relationship with the phenomenology they produce is always detached and I believe that a strong internal drive is needed to continue over time, as in the case of our medium, which remained active for sixteen years. We never knew if and what events had possibly involved Urbino at the time of the guide Amedeo: perhaps he was dissatisfied with his work, which left him little free time, since he had complained several times about this».          

«One evening after dinner, while he was at my house and we were also talking about his faculties and the phenomena that he had been producing for many years, something happened that we did not expect. At a certain moment he got up abruptly and after declaring that he would no longer have sittings, and without giving any justification for the decision he was taking, he left without even saying goodbye, as if he were full of resentment towards us. We called him back, of course, but everything was useless. I still have that scene before my eyes and I think I'll never forget it. We were shocked by his way of behaving. We did not really know what to think or what to do, also because it was many years that he used to come to our house (when he came the first time he still wore short trousers) and never had such a thing occurred. We examined our behavior towards him, but we could not find anything that could justify his reaction in any way. At first we thought it was only a temporary, unimportant episode, and that everything, in the short run, would return to normality; but actually it was not so, because weeks passed , and then a few months, without Urbino returning to our house, or in any case he tried to resume the affectionate and fraternal relationship that had bound us for so long. It must be said, to be fair, that we too – feeling offended – did not take any step towards him, but kept waiting, with the hope that sooner or later everything would be solved».

The last period: the guide Mariòl

Anyhow, after a few months the séances were resumed: «Meanwhile winter passed and springtime came (in 1946). Suddenly my grandmother became ill and her condition worsened within a few days, so that we seemed to lose her. Urbino, who was very fond of her too, became aware of her illness and unexpectedly returned to our home to visit her. Grandma welcomed him with these words, derived, I believe, from a proverb of her youth: "Urbino is like Bologna's moon: it seems that it is gone, but then it comes back". His presence had the power to completely erase what had happened some months before. We found ourselves as brothers as we had always been, so that we gathered in the sick grandma's room for an impromptu sitting. The environment was not arranged like the one in which we normally met, but we tried to adapt it by wrapping the lamp that illuminated the room with a red cloth. Urbino placed himself in the middle, on his usual armchair, and we family members arranged in a circle around him. The trance, at least apparently, occurred regularly, but a time passed that seemed very long – actually no more than fifteen minutes – before something happened: then, at the floor level, near the medium's chair, a series of raps began to scan alphabet letters. Through this communication system (typtology) we were told that the guide entity had changed: from this we learned that Amedeo had accomplished his task and had been replaced. This new personality transmitted a name: Mariol, which we made ourselves repeated because that final "L" seemed out of place. We asked if it was possible to hear Mariol's voice, but they made us understand that due to some months of inactivity by the medium, for the phenomenon of the direct voice it took a bit of... training. The communicating entity also said, among other things – always by raps – that grandmother would be healed in a short time and would recover as before, which actually happened. Then when, after a few days, we met in the usual room, the new guide spoke to us directly, and her voice, contrary to our expectations, was a pleasant surprise: it was feminine, shrill, as if she were a soprano. We had to slightly correct the name that had been communicated to us in the previous sitting: the exact name of this new personality was Mariòl, with the accent on "ò"».   

The sittings could only take place when the medium felt available: on average, one séance per week was transcribed until 1948, and one séance every two weeks in the following years. The minutes resumed from October 25, 1946, and were typed by Ravaldini or a friend of his who collaborated with him, reworking the notes taken during the sittings. Probably some of the minutes have been lost, or maybe they are not among those that Ravaldini sent me and which I could scan. In particular, there is a break of six months from April to November 1949 and another of five months from June to November 1950. I must say that, having compared the records of the last two sittings (March 14 and 28, 1952) with the related minutes, I have been able to ascertain the substantial fidelity of the contents of the communications, to which, however, no exhaustive information is added about the modalities with in which the direct voice communicated. The direct listening to recordings (see the pages related to the second-last and the last sitting) is essential to understand the even technical complexity of the phenomenon of externalization of the voices and the difficulties that had to be faced and overcome so that the communication could occur in comprehensible terms.

The «field» created by Mariòl

Regarding the technical aspect of the communication in direct voice of Mariòl, I quote what Ravaldini wrote on Luce e Ombra issue 1996/1, page 53): «With Mariòl the phenomenon of direct voice underwent a transformation, which almost could be defined as a mutilation: while before the entities who wanted to communicate could, if they wished so, talk to us with their own voice of the past, now this was possible only in some particular cases. The guide told us that to make the most of Urbino's mediumship, through which it was possible to establish the contact between her dimension and ours, she had created a device – a particular field (and this too remained a mystery) – of which only she possessed the key, and therefore the door of communication opened only when she wanted so, because only she had direct contact with the medium. However, reality was a bit different. It is true that almost all the thoughts of those who manifested themselves were transmitted by Mariòl, but occasionally some voice other than her spoke to us more or less briefly, as if there were an exception to the rule. What were her role and that of the medium in those particular cases?, one might ask. Another mystery added to the many others that the long cycle of mediumistic séances continuously offered».   

«At the beginning of that cycle, Mariòl's speaking was fluid, fluent, so that it was difficult to transcribe it, and of those séances only a few sentences of her speeches were transcribed. Then things changed: the transcription of her communications was easier and the minutes were almost complete. This is due to the fact that Mariòl's way of speak changed: it was often interspersed with pauses, sometimes made of absolute silence or filled with strange sounds or incomprehensible words, which however had nothing to do with the speech she was doing, because this, in the end, always appeared complete, without a solution of continuity. We therefore considered her way of expressing a technical need, so to say, connected to the medium's faculties and to the particular field that she herself said she had created. Considering the particular dispositions that Amedeo had given us for the séances, we asked Mariòl how we and the medium had to place ourselves. She told us to operate as during the last sitting with the previous guide: Urbino in his room that served as a mediumistic cabinet, in the dark, isolated from us through two heavy black curtains, adapted to the door that connected the two rooms, and completely closed. In the adjoining room we sitters, arranged in a semicircle in front of the cabinet door and with the light on. So: the medium in complete darkness, we in full light. This contrast, as Amedeo had told us, allowed to better use Urbino's mediumistic power to produce the phenomenon of direct voice. Mariòl's voice did not always come from the same point of the cabinet, sometimes it was very close to the curtains, or moved, even quickly, from one point to another of the room».  

About the phenomenon of the interference of a deep and baritone male voice in the field created by Mariòl, here are some interesting observations by Ravaldini (Luce e Ombra, issue 1996/2, page 145): «After the first sittings with Mariòl, who spoke with a clear soprano female voice, we began to hear in the background another baritone voice – almost always incomprehensible, because at a very low level – which spoke non-stop in the many intervals that occurred during the communications of the guide. Since it seemed to us that this fact disturbed the good course of the séance, we asked Mariòl why that entity spoke tirelessly, despite his words coming to us indistinctly. "He would like to say what he did not say when he had a body. I would willingly give up my field to him, but this field was created by myself and only I have direct contact with this medium". And she added that that almost whispered talking was due precisely to the fact that the "Ego" of the communicating entity was not in direct contact with the medium; his thoughts were reflected on Urbino and consequently they reverberated in the field at a very low audio level, making the words incomprehensible, perhaps even slightly distorted. ""I did not create this field for a selfish purpose – Mariòl pointed out – there is no material structure in us; I did so in order to make the most of your medium"». Anyway, from time to time (and not infrequently) the deep-toned male voice was able to tune into the field created by Mariòl, and then it could be clearly heard by all the sitters. This phenomenon is also evident in the recordings of the last two séances, and what is most surprising is precisely the technical aspect of the acoustic tuning: something very similar to the system with which the tuning of different wavelengths is changed in a radio receiver. I will return to this important aspect of the use of the field created by Mariòl for direct voice communication in the pages dealing with the last two sittings.

Back to Ravaldini's report, here is what the entity with the male voice said: «"I always try to communicate with you, and I also know that your auditory sense does not catch the sound that comes with it. But do not think that despite this I suffer: far from it! Materially speaking, I will tell you that your station was requested with a given wave; as a consequence all the other waves will remain not receivable". And again: "By continually insinuating myself in this field, without hurting the medium, I try to communicate with you; but due to my joy I do not see that you hear very little. All this is inherent in the field that this sublime spirit (that is, Mariòl) has created"... The voice in the background continued to accompany us for all the séances, and I would say that it was an integral part of the phenomenon of the direct voice as it occurred at that time. Sometimes the guide relayed to us many of those incomprehensible words, as if it were a simultaneous translation. They were long speeches that occupied a large part of the typewritten minutes of each sitting. Mariòl called this entity the spirit that invades the field, but added: "It is an invasion of love". She also said that, regardless of the usual mediumistic séances, he always followed her trail, wherever she went, in the timeless infinite. This happened because she was his guide. And to our next question about that strange way of showing himself ceaselessly, Mariòl answered: "To him it is joy, it is so much joy as it is for me to be his guide. His joy is in viewing again the vibrations of his voice". In this regard, many personalities who had made themselves known by speaking directly – among them Mariòl herself – stated that they no longer possessed human senses, but were endowed with completely different perceptions, so that they did not hear the words that reached us through the medium, but perceived them as colours». Anyone interested in reading the book Realtà e Mistero and the articles by Silvio Ravaldini can consult the link page.

Communications by Mariòl

The whole period of the guide Mariòl was characterized by a certain repetitiveness of the communications, at least according to what reported in the minutes, so we can limit ourselves to some quotations chosen among the most significant both from a formal point of view and about the contents. (October 25, 1946) "Light and happiness to you brothers and little sisters. Again I am here with you, coming from a point X of the infinite to bring happiness into sound. For me it is joy to come to you. In our state there is no matter that dominates with its instincts; we cross it, be it thick as the most powerful cohesion, be it in its primitive state. For us – remember this, and keep it well in your memory – everything is obtained with love; death, I say death, the scarecrow of humanity, does not exist. Teach the children that it does not exist, show this to them with everything you see, because it was created by the infinite. Nothing is destroyed because everything is in continuous transformation and the spirit is constantly evolving, more and more attracted towards the great Light that with infinite love gave birth to us, and without us it would have no purpose to continue; as the light of the sun illuminates and warms your rock, so it illuminates and guides us through its being. The human being, being taken by low passions, generated by his matter, forgets that earthly life is a simple passage, so that each of you can remember very well an illness he/she had at a certain age. On their passing, however, they will find that all that evil was nothing but an awful dream; for, that time which remains voluntarily bound to a body does not exist, compared to the infinity of its light".                 

"You must not think and say: why did God give us birth in evil? He wanted us to live in love with him; humans trample and forget, but God is always ready to receive them, and here is the glory of his light. He gave us the power to merge with matter, enclosing in it that little spark full of love called spirit... When one has the body, evil exists. I pray, I pray for all of you, but it will be great joy when you will realize that this never existed. But why do we sometimes perceive something more sublime, when we have a body? If something is perceived even when we are taken by materialism, it is a clear sign that there must be no death, but life. God does not create us to give us suffering, everything has been predisposed by him, so that every climbed step leads us more and more towards him, with even more heated joy, but we will never reach him, if we should reach him it would be the end. If I had body I could lie, as I lied on earth, but now lying is no longer in my modest light, this was left in that body that had no existence". 

(November 17, 1946) Shortly after the guide communicates: "Light to all of you, brothers and little sisters of the past and forever. The emanation of your thought reached me in a point X of the infinite; at receiving it, with the unlimited speed of thought I have come to you. I am happy, not happy for an illusory contact with matter, but because by doing so I can put myself in touch with you spiro-materials". Between one sentence and another of Mariòl we always hears a male voice that speaks softly, but we can not understand the words. "This spirit that you hear in the vibration and shows himself, according to you, quite eloquent, wedging in my field, is able with his joy to make you hear sentences that you perceive as indistinct. This is due to the fact that I have arranged as a force x, like something I can solve, or still better in a figurative and purely material language, an object that I alone can use. It is as if one of you had the secret of a device and another, unskilled, wanted to make use of it". The guide is asked why this spirit also interrupts her communication. "But he is not interrupting anyone! Who is that interrupts? You spiro-materials see very differently. I have not created this field for selfish purposes, there is no material frame in us, I have done so in order to make the most of your medium. You do not hear him clearly because his communicating ego is not in direct contact with the medium; consequently the thought of this spirit is not well tuned, and of course the sound comes to you indistinctly. When I will leave this field for reasons of the infinite, your new guide will create a field which you call variable. For me it is a joy to see the joy vibrations of the spirit that seeks to bring his thought to you; here, now he gives me thought: «I would like to be your guide to have the joy of giving so much joy to you»".

Here is one of the longest and most interesting communications by Mariòl: (November 25, 1946) After a few moments of waiting, the guide speaks: "Light to all of you, brothers and little sisters of the past and forever. Your thought reached me in a point that I call X in the infinite, and now I am with you like once, with the difference that then I could lie, but now as you know, in my present state, free from all that is material, it is impossible for me to lie. A spirit that you do not hear clearly gives me the thought to tell you that he is so happy and wishes you a lot of light and a lot of health to your bodies. He says: «I would like to be with the body near you, always with you, I would like to drink only at your fountain. My vicissitude on your earth globe has been very painful to me, but my spirit has always thought of God, even when, as a prisoner of brute matter, had to fight with brute matter. Always know how to avoid in time the storm before midnight and never be afraid. I wish you a lot of light to your spirits and a lot of health to your bodies. I know that you do not hear my words clearly, but for me it is the same joy as if you heard them at the best». We wish so much light to his flame, to the flames of your dead and to everyone's flame. It is not that he feels pain so communicating with you, no! he feels joy. He thanks you, wishing that the spirit will always guide you throughout your earthly life".          

"I am so happy when I get in touch with you, because I know that your thought does not stop at the word death, and I also know that your spirit goes beyond it by believing in eternal life. When you, learned about the hereafter, were about to communicate with us and prepared yourselves for this, I was present several times; then you had another guide. I wished for the good to guide you, and for your health to keep you free from those diseases that you call evil". "And you – we remind her – had also spoken to us!" "I do not remember, but if you remember so, it's the truth. During my illusory earthly life we never met each other, we were neither relatives nor brothers... but now, being free, I only know that we have known each other eternally, and therefore I call you brothers". It is asked if one can think of the divinity of Jesus. "No! No! We are wrong. No! Perhaps you call divine all those lights that go towards God, like me and many others, but it is very different. No! No! Just thinking that God was a man on Earth! It's wrong. We must not confuse the infinite with that man. He was only a spirit who still wanted to experience cohesion. Pleased away that he was, of course, he is a spirit that has a lot of light; but do not confuse the light of a torch like your material light, it is pure thought. During the illusory material life he was one who came closer to God. That man of Palestine, it is said, had a great influence on the crowd; he taught them the good because his spirit had been able to repel the matter".   

(The sitters ask) "But why in some séances like ours, some spiritual entities say the opposite of what you have just said?" "It may be that a spirit, taking contact as I do with this medium, was saying something that perhaps he did not even think. The spirits have all the usual thoughts, and only through a new contact with matter they enunciate with sound what they thought when they had a body". We speak again to the guide: "The spirit of the Palestine man, as you call him, has manifested himself to us; he was our guide, but he gave another name to converse with us". "But when did the spirit that incarnated Jesus, the man of Palestine, manifest himself to you? It's impossible". We ask: "Why, Mariòl, do you say it is impossible?" "Excuse me brothers and little sisters, that spirit has never touched me during my stay near this medium, he should at least have touched me since I came to you. The man from Palestine preached at that time to act for good. He was one who came closer to God during the cohesion. His thought was not for the matter, but for a better life. I have never touched the one you mentioned. Tell me, what was the name of that guide that came to your medium?" We answer: "He called himself Marzo". "A flame touched me and touched me again, wishing light, light to everybody".       

Question: "When a spirit takes body, does he feel joy or pain?" "Reincarnation has been given by God, it is a joy that he gives us. It is joy because we promise, starting with determination, to work for good. Perhaps someone, having made contact with the medium, told you otherwise? Perhaps it was his way of thinking when he had cohesion. It is not pain, it is joy. And since we left our body, it is an endless joy, because in the afterlife, both for the low and for the higher spirit, the thought is always to God. It is like when, waking up from a bad dream, we realize that it never existed and we are happy. It does not count, when we have a body, to believe in one or the other way, if we act well; I did not believe in the truth either, but I acted well, and that's what matters. It is useless to say: I believe, I am religious, when we do not address ourselves to good. It's useless. You must address yourself to the good. Before doing a certain thing, take advice from your conscience, advise with it: am I to do that certain thing? You must always control yourselves, that is, induce your conscience to make you act well, but for you spiro-materials, this is very difficult".        

Question: "A spirit that acts badly in cohesion, how feels in the afterlife?" "There will be joy for him too; but he will not see, speaking materially, very far. He will be able to say to a higher spirit: if I had your sight I could be happy as you are. If I could show you the body I had once, you would see a very smiling face. As I said before, always act well, but do not put your belief in this. To act well means to act with love; to act well means to act as the infinite wants. Many who have plunged into cohesion, after noting that this life has never existed, will marvel at not having acted for good purposes. Then, when they will pass away, they will not be able to see how many of us do; they will approach the others and will want to see more and more; they will have the wish to get closer and closer to God and to know him more intimately. You have an ephemeral cohesion; try to put your illusory mechanism on the path of goodness. It does not matter that you constantly have a material prayer on your lips, you need to put it into practice. I say this because I too had a body like you. Your material strength is in continuous revolution with the flame that temporarily dwells in it. Certainly you will not have to believe in a purgatory or hell, these do not exist, there is only a continuous thought of getting closer and closer to God. At this moment a spirit touches my field, lingers, wishes light, a lot of light and blue flowers to everybody, with immense happiness. Believe in God and in his great love. He was other times with you making voice; he gave a name for you and says Marzo".

Hearing this name, we show our joy for his presence, and the guide almost scolds us. "Here, here, you see? You jump and give one more flash to your flame to name a name that actually never existed. Here, see? For you spiro-materials the thing is very different than for us, who no longer have to deal with matter. I can not understand why it is so. Is not also a spirit he who passed away after committing countless crimes? Does not his name have to give you the same joy as the name of Marzo? I can not understand how you… Yeah, but you have a body! It is very different! Another spirit touches my field and says: «a lot of light to all, I am happy with your faith, the faith that has helped me. Light to everybody»". Question: "Since there are different degrees of elevation in spiritual life, do you still see each other on the same level?" "There is no sight here, you can not understand since you are in the matter. I touch and I am touched. A higher spirit who is in contact with me, I can not see him, but I can feel hom; yes, but all in the same love. Now I have removed. I had forced the medium a little too much and now my field has already been removed. Light to everybody".    

(January 2, 1947) "Light to all of you, brothers and little sister of the past and forever. I wish you light that will always enlighten you, so that the spirit, free from an illusory earthly life, returns to the Father, who is one for all. I would like to let burst out all the joy I have for you, spiro-materials. It is with joy that I intercept your thought, and with superlative joy I come to you, prisoners of a cohesion that does not exist; it appears real because the spirit is joined with matter, and although referring to his starting path, he is always overshadowed by cohesion, which is a negative force in conflict with the positive one, which is the spirit. It is good to think of the spirit laying on the foundations of infinite harmony. Then, when we have passed away, we will see that there is a life that is filled more and more with joy, and then we will see that earthly life has never existed. Why did we try to put evil where good should be? Why did not we look up, beyond the stars full of throb and harmony? Why did not we wipe a tear from our brother's eye? Why did we believe that at the word death all life would cease? What was the purpose of everything? Who was hiding behind the curtain that fell on our eyes, flattered by mirages? Then we will one day understand everything. The infinite does not hold a grudge like spiro-materials: it always forgives. And the cohesion has not been given for the sufferings, because they do not exist: it has been given to grant us a greater joy that we will conquer slowly. It will be joy at our passing away even if we have acted badly, because we will find ourselves in the arms of the Infinite; but it is good that you know that this joy is given to us according to the actions performed. Those who acted for good will feel higher vibrations and will be closer to that All that rules and governs".

(March 9, 1947) "A lot of light also from the spirit that in this moment invades my field. He says: «I would like to have this field and communicate with you by the voice of the time I spent on Earth. Keep your body healthy and use it for good». The Infinite, which humans call God, in Italian, wanted to create for us an infinite joy. There is no punishment. There is no hate. Everything is peace. Everything came out of his great love. It is not that the matter that deceives us: now  it fades away in front of our free Ego and with great regret we ask ourselves why during our life with the body we have acted differently from what we had proposed on starting out. Why have we never taken care to ask our spirit, taking ourselves away from the doubt of nothingness that grieves humanity? And yet, how simple it is now! The word end does not exist, if it existed it should have remained in the material part. Remember that you have left to command the matter. During my life I did not act as I should, but I teared a tear from my brother's eye and made a sad face smile".  

(June 12, 1947) "Light to all of you, brothers and little sister of the past and forever. Here I am as always among you, to unite our divided shores, in a contact of love and mutual joy. Your thought, as always, has reached me in a point that I call X because it is impossible for me to give you its exact location. It is a different point from those of your planet. I always thank the Infinite, which has not placed an insurmountable barrier between you materials and me, free from material weight. I rejoice, giving higher vibrations, through our medium. My thought manifests itself to you in sound and I have joy imagining it. Of this sound I perceive only a pink vibration, which starting from the medium spreads and floods out of the center. It is this that, affecting your auditory organs, makes the voice that my body once had alive for you. I can not hear it, I only can imagine it and I have great joy thinking of the effect that it has for you. But I do not know if it comes to you clear or in a sound that could impress you. All of this is not wonderfully strange, it is wonderfully real".  

(September 16, 1947) "Dear brothers and little sister of the past and forever, I thank you again for your thoughts: if you think of me, that's an evident sign that your ego has not get stuck in earthly life. Yet you know that I have no body and that I lived a nonexistent moment like you are living now. So I have no body, but I exist. Another spirit touches this medium but does not give me thought. Perhaps he did not even notice our contact. Sometimes I think of myself with the body; and this happens when I am in contact with this medium that lends himself. Here, I would like to try for a moment what you are feeling right now. Who knows what a strange and different impression I would have felt with my body if I had witnessed a spiro-material event. I say so, now, because asking with love I am forced to make a bridge to connect our seemingly material bank. The infinite gives us a body for such a great joy as we desire it. That's why, dear brothers and little sisters, I tell you that it is good to wipe a tear from the eye of another, it is good to make smiles bloom on sad faces; it is good, very good, to help those who have difficulty to walk. Do not let your senses lay a thick veil over your ego! And one day, understanding everything, you will have joy... Do not give too much importance to evil, but when you find yourself in difficult times, think of God and of you. I thank you so much and I pray for you with a prayer of pure spirit. I would still like for a moment to take again the body I once had to hear your contact, for a moment, and then return to my true state. Take care of your body. Love one another with the spirit. Do not fear and think about it".

(March 1st, 1948) "Light to all of you, brothers and little sister of once and forever. Once again, hit by your thought that knows no obstacles, coming from a point that I call X, I am to you to bring in sound the thought that is not hampered by an illusory cohesion. You, in perfect harmony of expectation, desire us; thank you for your thoughts. A little while ago, or perhaps in this instant, not being able to give you a sense of time, as this is something that does not exist, I perceived, that is, I know for sure, that two of those stars that you call worlds have blown up. Of course I immediately thought of you, and I felt that your state was what it is now. Do not think, however, that I thought of you as if I were sorry for what happened, because everything is natural and full of love in the coils of this infinite that you call, it seems to me, God. I thought of you, and at the same time I touched you and I tried to make you feel my state and I perceive yours". 

(November 18, 1948) "Light to all of you brothers and little sisters of once and forever. Coming from a point X of the infinite I am to you through your harmonious thought. This led me up to your point. I thank you, not from my heart, but from my spirit, of the good thoughts you have for me. When these hit me in a point that I do not know, I feel attracted by a wonderful fluid that I do not know, and I have to touch you. But do not believe that this obligation is a burden to me; far from it! It is joy, a different joy that can be felt only in our state and that you too will feel one day. I have somehow forced your medium who kindly lends himself, because a vibration has suddenly hit this field that I created with love asking God. I do not know if the vibration comes from a voluntary sound you are making or if it is a foreign vibration. The fact is that by directly affecting the field, this is subjected to a vibration that hits our medium who kindly lends himself, and so vibrating there is a continuous repercussion which tends to bring him back to his former state, that is, to awaken him. This vibration, that you do not perceive, would have for your eyes a bright yellow color. I can not see it with my eyes, but its color is more or less that. Now again it gets stronger by still affecting the field that I asked for with love. The sound resounds like this..." (We can clearly hear the noise of the alien vibration that crosses the field created by the guide).

(February 21, 1951) "...A spirit says a name like Amedeo. He enters my field, which I asked with love, and gives me vibration; he says he has already been with you, but he has no memory about the date. He urgently prays me with love to put him in touch with you. He says that on another planet like yours, they are looking for you. He has been continually called upon with love. He says that they want to know if something has come to you that has disturbed your system: a great explosion of light, they do not know what colour, has been sent to you. You have to answer what is the colour of this light. If the signal has reached you, please you must communicate with them. He says that you understand everything. He still says: a light that comes to you and makes you a colour, perhaps in one place. A light that does not hurt, perhaps like a beacon. He still gives me thought: many greetings from the brothers of another... you understand. Amedeo wishes you a lot of light and thanks you". (To the question of the spirit of Amedeo we answer that we have understood everything, and that still no signal sent by the brothers of the infinite has been disclosed to us). From this date on, the theme of the Brothers of the Infinite returns in the séances with a certain frequency, albeit rather repetitively. 


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