In ancient times myths were created, told, believed. Even today we can indulge in the luxury of telling a myth: after all, that's what so many tv series do. Of course, what follows is a tale of pure fantasy.  

Part One: The Divine family and the Human Mind Inc.

A family of ancient and noble lineage, the Divine family, owned a remarkable patrimony, the planet Earth and all that was part of it. The head of the family, Lord Divine, had founded a company, the Human Mind Inc., in which he held the majority stock together with his wife, Lady Divine. Both had been given various names (as we shall see, the management of these titles was handled by a special propaganda department of the company's organization): Lord Divine was known by us as God, the Lord, the Father, the Logos, the Mind, and many other noble titles. Lady Divine was the Goddess, the Mother, the Nature, the Creation, the Earth, and she too did not lack titles that attested to her lineage. Indeed, it seems that a good part of the patrimony that allowed Lord Divine to found his company was brought to him as a dowry by his wife, who had been ruling the Earth for a long time, while there is no definite information on where Lord Divine came from.

The Divines had two children who, when mature, had long held positions of responsibility in the company founded by their father, as managers of two important departments. Each of them owned a minority stock of the Human Mind Inc. As for their character, it is difficult to imagine two such different personalities. The eldest, Mr. Evil Divine, was a nervous, dry, strong-willed, authoritative and determined type, a tireless worker full of inventiveness: in certain circumstances he could also show a subtle sense of humor, despite the fact that he was always eager to affirm his power. He did not hesitate to assert his autonomy even against Lord Divine, with whom he had some clashes that remained memorable. The boss, Lord Divine, could easily have ousted Mr. Evil from the company, buying his shareholding, or removing him from his managerial role, but he did not, because – they say – deep in his heart he had a weakness for that complex and enigmatic son who, in his own way, had given a decisive contribution to the company's success. 

The youngest son, Mr. Love Divine, was certainly much more affable and pleasant, full of tact, respect and empathy, even towards his employees, who adored him. He was above all a great organizer, very clever in harmonizing the energies of those who worked under him, and managed to obtain brilliant results by making certain complex operations – the outcome of which was not at all obvious – seem almost natural, almost trivial, often leaving the merit of their success to be attributed to someone else. Mr. Love never flaunted his power, and in the propaganda department he directed, the watchword was only one: assessing and enhancing Lord Divine's role in the management and success of the enterprise. Even towards his brother Evil, who pursued his goals with determination, trying to impose them in the board meetings, Mr. Love had a soft, almost conciliatory attitude (which not rarely got on Mr. Evil's nerves), relying on the decisions of Lord Divine, after having calmly defended the reasons why he did not consider his brother's action plans to be convenient for the company's success.

Lady Divine did not engage directly in family business, which she willingly left in her husband's care. She liked better to spend her time looking after her gardens and the family zoo. Already many times, in the past, huge catastrophes had upset the balance of planet Earth, and she had inherited by her mother the ability to recreate every time a new world rich in living forms, starting from conditions that seemed seriously compromised. But the recent rapid expansion of the Human Mind Inc., somehow, involved her more than she herself would like. The fact is that Lord Divine, long ago, had discovered how to produce a new valuable substance, known and marketed under many names, one of which was psyche. However, psyche in its raw state was highly unstable, volatile, difficult to preserve and handle, and had no market outside some underground (and illegal) circuits of small organizations that carried out risky and dangerous experiments. In order to become a safe product, psyche had to be combined with another substance, consciousness, which stabilized and fixed it, making it suitable for the processes of classification, storage and marketing. 

For the production process of the psyche to be successful, it was necessary to find at the physical level of planet Earth a group of organisms in which to install the operating system that generated consciousness, and the receptive system to which to transmit the various psychic tunings. In this respect, Lady Divine's contribution was fundamental, given that her family patrimony already included a wide range of organisms, integrated in a system as a whole balanced, elastic, adaptable and creatively lively. Various experiments were carried out for the insertion of more or less stable and efficient forms of consciousness in different organisms, but when moving on to the next phase, trying to transmit psychic tunings of different frequencies, which should have been fixed by consciousness, the results were partial and unstable, and overall unsatisfactory. Beyond the more or less mechanistic behavior determined by the programs – also remarkably complex – which ruled the natural functioning of the various organisms, the gamma of psychic experiences permanently fixed in their consciousness was very limited. In any case, these were raw products, not very elaborate, lacking those nuances and shades necessary to make them refined and valuable. Lord Divine and his assistants soon realized that it was necessary to design a system in which the psychic products fixed by consciousness had to be put back into circulation several times, undergoing a purification and enrichment process through the direct transmission between several organisms, who had to be able to communicate with each other. So, in the end, all this was made possible when the human mind – once perfected – began to work at full capacity.

The psychic experience, once acquired by the consciousness of a human, was memorized and could at the same time be put into circulation through various forms of communication and behavior, triggering other psychic reactions. The more the process went on, the more the range of psychic experiences fixed by consciousness increased. The Human Mind technicians observed with interest that as the number of human subjects involved in psychic interactions increased, the variety and quality of psychic experiences were significantly improved. Once fixed by consciousness, the psychic experiences could be recovered at any time by the Human Mind laboratories, which examined, classified and registered them before storing. Obviously, not all the produced psychic experiences were of the same quality: many of them were common, repetitive and cheap, while other were rare, complex and valuable, and could be worth a fortune. Although the psychic experiences, especially those of greater impact, were also recorded in the memory of humans, when they were acquired by the Human Mind the emotional impact of their recalling in human memory decreased, to the point of fading.

A part of the psychic experiences fixed by consciousness were left inside the human circuit, or put again into it, because they were necessary for the good evolutionary functioning of the whole system, which otherwise would have had to start again from a primitive condition. The productive system of human organisms had known ups and downs in the past: in certain periods humans' total number was expanding, in others it was shrinking, but only in a relatively recent age there was an unprecedented mass expansion and psychic production, reaching dizzying levels.  A substantial contribution to these successes was given by the rapid career of Miss Cleverness: in the past Lord Divine had a romantic relationship with Lady Sophia (wisdom), a gentlewoman who was not part of the entourage gravitating around planet Earth, and from this relationship Cleverness (creative intelligence) was born. Lord Divine had recognized her as his own daughter (a bitter pill to swallow for Lady Divine), and when Cleverness was the right age he invited her to come and work in the family enterprise, giving her also a minority share stock (less than 10%).

The remarkable qualities of Miss Cleverness not only quickly led her to direct one of the Human Mind's main departments, but made her indispensable for the management of human material when it reached numerical levels of the order of billions. To better understand what were the orientations of Lord Divine and his sons regarding the management of humans, it is necessary to take a step back, returning to those organisms that were part of Lady Divine's heritage, in which a form of consciousness had been infused in order to experiment and process various aspects of the psyche. In the organizational system controlled by Lady Divine the history of the life of the single organism (what we would call an individual destiny) did not have the slightest importance: attention was paid and resources were invested only in the equilibrium of the system as a whole. The creative possibilities offered by the evolution of organisms through reproductive activity were also exploited, with particular regard to adaptive interactions to environmental variations. Nobody cared whether a single organism developed successfully or became nourishment for another organism: after all, every organism was destined to be eliminated, in one way or another. It was just a matter of time.

In this context, the organisms adopted the behaviors foreseen by survival programs, and when they were eliminated, they accepted their destiny without showing any particular reaction. But when in one of these species a consciousness was inserted, capable of transforming the transmitted psychic tunings into experience, some significant changes occurred. First of all, consciousness was connected to the singularity of the organism, giving rise to an Ego also conscious of its own life experience. Then, when a human organism stopped living, other humans tended to remember him/her, and performed on that lifeless body some anomalous activities with respect to what nature required. The psychic experiences recorded by consciousness therefore changed the natural condition of the human organism, whose management became the exclusive competence of the Human Mind Inc. And, at the company's upper floors, everything revolved around the core of the problem: how to use human material as effectively as possible?

About this, Evil Divine had very clear ideas: humans had to be used (and exploited) in such a way that they could produce the widest range of psychic experiences, included the extreme ones, which also proved to be highly valued. The fact that humans showed, on the whole, a marked inclination towards psychic experiences connected to happiness, joy and pleasure, and an aversion to pain and suffering, was entirely irrelevant and indeed could have been used to the advantage of production, given that – by their nature – humans could be easily deluded and programmed, practically at will. In his personality, Evil had inherited from his mother, Lady Divine, the absolute indifference to the destiny of an individual. The most painful personal stories had produced first-rate psychic experiences, highly sought-after on the market, and the human material was regenerated despite everything, thanks to the reproductive system developed by Lady Divine. Evil could mention to his credit bloody battles, in which hundreds of thousands of humans had lost their lives, which produced quite extraordinary psychic experiences of courage, heroism, self-denial, cruelty, cowardice and glory, in environmental conditions which a human being worthy of this name would neither accept nor endure. And the simple cessation of a long-tolerated misfortune could generate joy beyond measure. So why worry about humans? They were (and are) expendable commodities.

As for the methods of managing positive experiences, the department directed by Evil was full of resources: it was enough to associate a certain type of emotion, like a bait put on a hook, with a psychic tuning, and – in 90% of cases – the game was successful, because the Ego meekly submitted to the psiche's fascination. Then, through the interaction between humans, chains of psychic reactions could be obtained that generated very interesting conscious experiences: plots, conflicts, discords, power struggles, love illusions and disappointments, and all kinds of intrigues, deceptions and betrayals. It was enough, in fact, to use as a bait a positive emotion, now of one type and now of another, and all the rest followed automatically. And the more the number of humans that could be involved in this great game increased, the more interesting and valuable the resulting psychic products were. But where the inspiration and inventiveness of Evil and his assistants gave the most brilliant results was the use of negative emotions: fears of all kinds, suffering, guilt, frustration, anxiety, degradation, envy, were inserted in the mind and took possession of the conscious Ego with extraordinary ease, making it a prisoner and taking away from it, over time, every resource.

The strategy of Love Divine was completely different. Love was convinced that the increase and quality of human production were facilitated by psychic tunings characterized by greater confidence in life: confidence in the future, confidence in progress, trust in others, trust in humanity and in human capacity to solve problems. This trust was combined with a remarkable organizational capacity, developed by Love's department with the help and resources of the department directed by Cleverness. Love realized that the human Ego had to be supported with a positive psychic foundation, to enable humanity, as a whole, to function operatively by creating the conditions for new psychic experiences of a more advanced quality than those of the past. The number of humans and the conditions in which they worked were determined by environmental conditions, natural events, interaction with other living organisms (including bacteria and viruses) and traumas that damaged the body and the mind. The latter were caused in large part by the conflicts that the psychic tunings developed by Evil's department continuously sent to the system. Love argued that if the human system had been managed according to Evil's criteria, it would annihilate itself in a short time, while with the measures adopted by him, humans thrived and multiplied. 

But when, during board meetings, important decisions had to be taken, often preceded by lively debates between Love and Evil, Lord Divine, though recognizing the validity of Love's arguments, ended up endorsing also some of the strategies proposed by Evil, and Love had to accept, with some regret, his father's decisions. As for Cleverness, she willingly collaborated with Love, to whom she felt a particular sympathy, but when Lord Divine required her to give her contribution also to Evil's programs, she could not refuse. And she had to acknowledge that sometimes she had failed to escape the enigmatic charm that some aspects of Evil's complex personality exerted on her. Lady Divine herself, who – at least apparently – was not interested in all the issues relating to the management of Human Mind Inc., and in particular in those concerning the transmission of the psychic tunings that humans would have to transform and stabilize through consciousness, had though made available to the company the device that was used in the process: a brain split into two parts.

So, how did the process work? In the big cloud system of human brains (see the April blog), the brains, after receiving the raw psychic tunings transmitted by Human Mind, consciously processed them and circulated them within the system, triggering other conscious psychic reactions, which were finally picked up by the Human Mind reception systems. But many psychic tunings, while reaching the brain, were not focused by consciousness, thus escaping any possibility of control by the conscious Ego who, within the process, had acquired a form of identity self-awareness. Moreover, the only essential elements for the process were consciousness and psyche: the sense of individual identity of the conscious Ego originated from the interaction between these two elements, and it was probably needed for the human organism to remain alive to carry out its task. Everyone at Human Mind thought that the conscious Ego was an accessory element, devoid of importance, whose existence was limited to life span – and not even for its entire duration – and could easily be liquidated through certain psychic tunings transmitted at the end of life. 

The department directed by Love Divine continuously elaborated and transmitted psychic programs that promised the definitive elimination, in a more or less near future, of what humans considered the bad (physical and mental suffering of all kinds), asking the collaboration of Cleverness department, so that they could develop psychic stimuli suitable for transforming the planet, making it a better world. However at the Human Mind everyone knew that Evil Divine's assistants were not idle, but ready to take advantage of every new opportunity that the changed circumstances provided, to activate increasingly sophisticated negative psychic tunings. So Love Divine had come up with the brilliant idea of the afterlife: all that humans wanted, the model of life they dreamed of, their aspiration to happiness and joy, the need for human relationships based on harmony and love, in short, everything they could not achieve in this life – although they felt a true need for it – they could get after death. It was not a deception, as Evil Divine promptly insinuated through appropriate psychic tunings. However, there was not even a concrete guarantee, something similar to a contract stipulated and signed, that the human conscious Ego could claim at the appropriate time (and who would honor it? Human Mind Inc.?). Possibly it could have been an opportunity.

Faced with this state of affairs, humans found themselves in a very strange condition: their functioning required the (temporary) presence of a conscious Ego (whose existence depended on consciousness) which was affected by the psychic tunings it received. Generally speaking, the psychic tunings controlled the Ego without serious problems, producing human automata that were sufficiently efficient as a whole, able to withstand the workload required of them, whether they were mainly influenced by Love Divine or managed by Evil's programs. When things were not going well, those who followed Love Divine's instructions could comfort themselves with the psychic tunings that postponed remuneration to the afterlife, while the others, those influenced by Evil Divine, didn't even consider this possibility: Evil, in fact, didn't give anyone a discount, but paid at once in cash. Yet, some groups of humans were influenced by psychic tunings that included a substantial retribution in the afterlife even by Evil Divine, who had managed to convince them that he was the only boss of the company. In any case, when it was time for a human to die, it was possible to transmit to him/her some psychic experiences of a completely different kind, which allowed the Ego to fade pleasantly.

However, there were humans in whom some of the psychic tunings activated by the Cleverness department continued to work consciously, outside of the production requirements of the Human Mind programs, elaborating new interesting information on consciousness, which directly involved also the Ego. While normal programs described the Ego as a subject endowed with consciousness, which experienced life (and the psychic events that it entailed) through the psychophysical organism (the body-brain system) to which it was linked, these new elaborations put into highlight the function of consciousness, identifying the conscious subject as the Ego and modifying the cognitive framework. In fact, even if at a superficial examination this change did not seem substantial, in reality the Ego became aware of the fact that its existential condition was still determined by psychic tunings that described it, defined it, limited it and conditioned it: in short, they caged the Ego in the role it had to play. Instead, as a conscious subject, the only limit for the Ego was represented by the quality of the consciousness itself, which could evolve to explore dimensions that were normally closed to it. So, what was going on?

Part Two: The plan of the Spirit

After Cleverness, Lady Sophia had secretly given birth to another son, fruit of her affair with Lord Divine, without the latter being aware of it. This child had been called the Spirit, and was grown up living an abstract existence in a world organized and managed by his mother, very far from planet Earth. The only one who knew about his existence, on which she had committed herself to keeping the secret, was his sister Cleverness. Cleverness was fond of her brother, with whom she did not have frequent contacts, since her work at Human Mind kept her very busy. However, when they had the opportunity to meet, Cleverness told the Spirit, with a wealth of details, what happened at the Human Mind, how production proceeded and what strategies were adopted, but above all described to him the weird and sometimes unexpected effects that the process had on humans.

The Spirit listened to his sister's tales with fascination. He had grown up with an inclination towards creative abstraction, in a dimension in which ideas took shape, linking together in a way similar to what happens to musical phrases in the tempos of a symphony or a concert. Now he saw in the consciousness an instrument with infinite potential, if only it had been possible to increase its operational gamut. In this respect, the human condition seemed to him to be particularly demeaning, conditioned as it was by psychic tunings completely inadequate for the development of consciousness. He could not understand how something harmonious, refined and intelligently evolved could emerge from that chaotic mixture of creative and destructive activities. It was as if a high quality musical composition had been performed in the noise of city traffic during rush hour, while a nearby building was demolished with jackhammers: as beautiful as the music could be, its sound mingled with the strident and contaminating noises that made it harsh to hear for a sensitive ear.

When the Spirit asked Cleverness why she had committed herself to the activities of the Human Mind, his sister replied that collaborating with Love Divine had seemed to her the most sensible thing to do for the project of reconverting human functioning to be successful. Unfortunately, however, there was something in the interests of the Divine family that escaped her, something in front of which even Love was forced to yield: perhaps a secret agreement between Lord and Lady Divine, by virtue of which Evil could not be ousted from the company's management. But then – the Spirit reflected – if so many humans acted coherently with the psychic tunings transmitted by the department directed by Love Divine, engaging diligently and with dedication throughout their lives to work in collaboration with their fellows for the common good, why should not be revealed to them in a clear, evident and accessible to consciousness way, how would their conscious Ego be transferred to another dimension at the end of life, when the brain would stop working?

Cleverness believed that this depended on how the brain functioned: the brain, in any case, could not be transferred to another dimension, and was programmed only for its own earthly survival. Each human, then, had a brain calibrated more or less differently from the others, and the archives (so Cleverness called the depots in which human psychic experiences were stored) were full of all kinds of psychic events. Many humans behaved in an exemplary way (in accordance with Love Divine's rules) without believing in survival, but only because the ethical code that had been transmitted to them (this too developed by Love's department) made them act like that. Many others believed in the afterlife without needing any proof, just because they had been taught so.

The Spirit was perplexed: he did not want in any way to get involved in the internal issues of the Human Mind Inc., and above all in the contrasts between Evil and Love, as had happened to Cleverness. He also did not want his identity to be revealed, because this would have meant the end of his freedom and his autonomy. On the other hand, the potential of experiences accessible through consciousness interested him greatly, but he could not understand how human consciousness could be released from the brain, whose operational management was the exclusive competence of Human Mind. He therefore decided to study the problem, working hard on the issue. With a few trusted collaborators he founded a small company, the Spirit Life, in which Cleverness was also involved, as she was to act as an informant about what happened at the Human Mind's upper floors.

At the Spirit Life, the Spirit's collaborators were able to connect with some human brains and discovered a very interesting fact: for centuries the psychic tunings acquired by human consciousness had provided little information about their dependence on brain functioning. The brain, although constantly active, was not in the least aware of its existence and its way of functioning. The conscious Ego could perhaps be considered as an attempt by the brain to symbolize its own individual existence, but it had always been kept in the dark about what really happened in the brain (and in the rest of the body). If the billions of brain neurons had had their own form of autonomous consciousness, this consciousness was totally disconnected from that of the Ego. Only the conscious Ego was connected to psychic experiences, which however were tuned by the brain. The Ego's awareness of the dependence on brain functioning not only of the psychic experiences, but also of consciousness itself and of its own existence, was a very recent event. So many things related to mental functioning escaped human consciousness.

It was clear that there was a correlation between the passing of time, human generation after generation, and the quality of the psychic tunings that became accessible to consciousness. The knowledge related to the brain functioning, however, represented a radical change with respect to the psychic tunings experienced up to then (in the June blog this is defined as a Copernican change). Cleverness confirmed that she was the creator of this new strategy, and was surprised when, after proposing it to the Human Mind board, she received the unconditional support of Evil Divine, while Love Divine had accepted it without enthusiasm. Anyway, Lord Divine had approved it, and so it was at once put into effect. The objective was to verify which new potential psychic experiences could derive from a circuit that – so to speak – fed itself through the awareness of its own functional dynamics.

At Spirit Life were convinced that at the Human Mind, and in particular at Love Divine's department, they were well aware of the fact that the whole complex of the psychic experiences, the consciousness itself and the Ego, which for centuries had been possible to attribute, through a simple psychic tuning, to a quid naively called the soul, distinct from the body and considered, by its nature, immortal, in the light of the new knowledge became a product of the brain functioning, about which any claim of survival of bodily death did not stand. So any promise of a rewarding afterlife was much harder to sustain, and the experience of earthly life became, for human individual consciousness, the only possible one. However, the Spirit discovered that there was a weak point in that system, a breach that could be used to transfer consciousness, once it had reached a sufficient level of stability, within the operating system that the Spirit Life was developing. In fact, the brain was needed for generating the conscious human experience in the physical sphere of planet Earth, but consciousness could be transferred to another dimension after being separated from the functional support of the brain. «So – said the Spirit – let the brain produce consciousness: we'll take care of it after, when the brain will cease to work». Moreover, at the Human Mind they were interested in the conscious psychic experiences produced by humans throughout life, while they were indifferent to the destiny of consciousness when the life cycle of the brain ended.

However, a problem had to be faced: how could consciousness be stabilized in order to transfer it to another dimension? In fact, consciousness could not be activated in the absence of a subject, that conscious Ego who in the human dimension constituted the foundation of the individual personality. Without the continuity, at least temporary, of the conscious Ego and the memories of reference to its previous earthly life, the individual aspect of consciousness would immediately evaporate, after the transition, in a form of undifferentiated cosmic consciousness. But in order for the individualized form of consciousness to be permanently transferred to another dimension it was necessary for the conscious Ego to agree to collaborate with the Spirit already in the course of human life. So at Spirit Life they worked hard to solve this problem. The first thing they decided to do was to send humans decipherable signals about the existence of other dimensions. Similar signals, of various kinds, had already been sent in the past, since the dawn of human experience, and had always been received in the context of psychic experiences related to the spiritual nature attributed to the human soul. Both Evil and Love Divine had profusely transmitted psychic experiences connected with spirits, with the afterlife and the souls of the dead, experiences that had been digested by human consciousness and integrated into various cultures.

Through those psychic tunings, the receptor subject, the Ego, could experience – in a non-ordinary state of amplified consciousness – alternative dimensions that made it perceive its independence from the physical body. With respect to this interpretation, the barrier represented by the need to attribute to brain activity any psychic tuning experienced by consciousness was not yet active. The magical complexity of the psychophysical system, the body and the brain, later became an even too evident constant of all psychic experiences: even when the Ego was able to make experiences that carried it to other dimensions, it always ended up returning to the physical body. At last, someone at the Spirit Life had a brilliant idea: it was necessary to play with cards face up on the table, so to speak, giving the conscious Ego the opportunity to participate in the game, if it had the intention and was capable of it. The Ego had to be put in a position to be able to focus consciousness on two fundamental elements: the first was given by the brain's capacity to determine completely anomalous and fantastic psychic experiences, which were perceived as (subjectively) real; the second was the (objective) reality of weird, marvelous and inexplicable facts.

If the brain could determine psychic tunings so strange, varied and anomalous, as – for example – those that could be experienced using psychoactive substances, any event became, for the conscious Ego, the perceptive representation of something that remained, in itself, mysterious: every event that was conventionally interpreted by normal people in a certain way, through agreed mental tunings, could be experienced by a conscious Ego in a completely different way. Death, in particular, presented very interesting aspects in this respect: the brain was able to determine space-temporal variations that could carry the conscious Ego into eternity. Furthermore, the same human experience of the brain was transformed, since its usual and obvious physical representation was replaced by another, as a result of which the conscious Ego felt itself immersed in the ecstatic contemplation of a mysterious and enticing infinite.

As for the strange, wonderful and inexplicable facts, they covered the wide range of mediumistic physical phenomena, events defined as paranormal, sightings of UFOs, and the like. Many of these facts could be considered as objective, as they were witnessed by a plurality of people and also recorded by registration devices. Their importance, for human consciousness and intelligence, had to be attributed to the search for their causes: either a non-physical component had to be recognized to the human brain, capable of causing extraordinary effects even on the physical world, or it was necessary to accept the existence of alien entities, capable of interacting with the physical world through the psychophysical resources of some human organisms. Also in this case, the human psychophysical system was far more complex than the normal psychic tunings did not allow to understand. In the case of mediumistic phenomena, the human intellect was requested to answer these questions: what were the spirits? in what elements was a medium with physical effects different from a normal human being? Was it possible to answer these questions on the basis of the normal physical, anatomical, biological and physiological knowledge about the functioning of the human organism? Nope.

The Ego could thus begin to become aware of the possibility of its own independent existence, still bound to the body, but not in that form of absolute and mandatory dependence on the cerebral organ that the dominant psychic tunings took for granted. There was also a remarkable novelty in the relationship – so to speak, contractual – that the Spirit, through the Spirit Life, intended to propose to the conscious Ego. In fact, in the course of human life, the Ego had always been considered by the Human Mind as an accessory element, insignificant, almost useless, that could easily be managed by the psychic tunings that ensnared it through consciousness: the department employed by Evil Divine devised, with uninhibited transparency and without any regard, all sorts of psychic traps aimed at submitting the Ego to its service. But even the department directed by Love, though using more refined psychic strategies, and not without a certain hypocrisy, ultimately tried to neutralize the Ego, by virtue of the happy outcome of a project of collective evolution of humanity (of which the conscious Ego was considered as an instrument). And – the facts were clear – Love had never been able to neutralize Evil.

Instead, what the Spirit proposed to the conscious Ego was to participate in the creation of a new world in another dimension: the Spirit recognized a creative faculty to the Ego, and asked it to put it to good use, committing itself as a peer, autonomously or in collaboration with others, to contribute to the realization of something new, imaginative, harmonious and sublime, and above all free from the contrasts and conflicts that pervaded the human environment. Although the project's management was entrusted to Spirit Life, a shareholding commensurate with its commitment was recognized to the Ego, and in any case it was given freedom of action in its operational sphere, with the sole condition that its creative freedom would not damage that of the other operators. However, before being able to sign the contract, the conscious Ego had to free itself from the subjection to the psychic tunings prevailing in the human dimension (those managed by the Human Mind Inc).

It was not a simple thing: the will could not be used to counteract some psychic tunings with others (such as those developed by Love Divine department to neutralize those transmitted by Evil), even if some balancing strategies between different tunings could be used. Rather, it was a matter of turning off or limiting the functioning of certain parts of the brain, so that the Ego was no longer involved in the dominant effects of the human psyche, in particular due to certain commands and desires. At Spirit Life they had developed some programs that the Ego could use in its path of liberation, which were transmitted – at its request – when it turned to the Spirit for help. Thus in some cases the conscious Ego, after freeing itself from the shell of human life, succeeded in joining the Spirit in order to take part in the project of creating a free world in the dimension managed by the Spirit Life. At the Human Mind, when they heard about the Spirit's project, they didn't care much about it, because the number of humans taken away from the psyche's production process was so small as to be irrelevant to the corporate goals.

The Spirit asked his sister Cleverness to investigate what was, according to the Human Mind programs, the fate of the human conscious Ego when the body died. Cleverness told him she couldn't know, because everything which had to do with consciousness was managed by a department directly under Lord Divine, inaccessible to anyone else, whose very location was a secret. She believed that the conscious Ego of some humans continued to exist somewhere even after the death of the body, but did not think that this happened to all humans. However, when a human was about to die, his brain could activate highly elaborate psychic tunings, which carried the conscious Ego out of time, causing it to evaporate immersed in a perfect happiness. As for what humans considered communications coming from the spirits of humans who survived in the afterlife, Cleverness was of the opinion that, having access to the psychic archives, both Evil's and Love's collaborators could have transmitted anything. However, she told his brother that she would try to investigate further, and would draft a memorandum on the matter.

So, thanks to the collaboration between Cleverness and the Spirit, the opportunity was finally given to the conscious Ego to free itself from subjection to the psychic forces that had always conditioned its experience of human life – to the point of always having to rely on the benevolence of some form of superior authority in order to possibly aspire to a happier and lasting existence – to engage creatively in an enterprise that involved and recognized it as an autonomous and responsible partner. And this was really a big step forward! Then there are some who say that the Lord Divine himself had always been aware of the existence of his secret son, the Spirit, and that he looked very sympathetically at the Spirit Life's project, which he found very interesting.


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