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In 2019 I started this blog to be able to freely explore the various topics covered in the sections of the site, and to update my experiences on the evolutionary path of the conscious Ego. To comment, you can send an email to



   CONCLUSIONS (September 2023)

The value of NDEs(some NDEs support the hope that the attraction power of the Spirit's energy is exerted on the conscious Ego of all human beings, at the end of their organic life, regardless of the vicissitudes in which each Ego has been involved due to the dynamics of the human psyche; the experiences that can be had in the Spirit dimension should have a strong appeal on every conscious Ego, still immersed in the bipolar dynamics of the human psyche, and reading – or better yet watching and listening directly from the protagonists' voice – the reports of a good number of these experiences, can be an excellent way to adequately evaluate their importance)

An evaluation of the work accomplished so far(this is a summary of the main topics covered on this site: the formation and development of the conscious Ego as a consequence of the life of a human organism; the features that differentiate human life from that of other animals; human interactions and the communication tools that make the transmission of information and knowledge possible; the mind functioning and the activation of the psyche's tunings in which the Ego is involved and with which it normally identifies; the Ego's transformations and its possible evolutionary path during organic life; the Ego's interest in the experiences that can take place after the death of its organism; anomalous and non-ordinary phenomena that occur occasionally and which do not have a convincing explanation in the light of our current knowledge; the reliability of the information on the continuation of existence of the spiritual Ego offered to us through mediumistic communications; the experiences in the Spirit dimension told us by some people who have gone through an NDE)

Conclusion(time has come for me to temporarily stop this blog, so as not to repeat what I have already written several times, without offering any new and interesting information; however, the site update is not abandoned: I have to read everything I have written in these years, to verify its coherence and to correct, if necessary, the expository form; I thank all those who have followed this site, and also those who will visit it in the future, contributing – with their attention – to give meaning to the commitment with which I have tried to transmit the information and elaborations contained in these pages)

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The condition of subjection of the Ego(the condition of subjection of the Ego to the various dynamics, positive or negative, of the human psyche, causes it to feel conditioned and powerless towards higher powers which, in one way or another, are able to impose its destiny, regardless of its desires, hopes and will; the end of its organic life can be interpreted by the Ego as an opportunity to be freed from its subjection to the psyche's dynamics, and to move into a dimension in which what it experiences is much more in tune with its most authentic, deep and creative essence)

When the journey takes a bad turn(in experiencing unknown dimensions, different from those to which it is accustomed - as happens in the course of NDEs - the Ego is sometimes ensnared in a state of anguish, pain or panic therefore originated from the human psyche – without being able to find the resources to change its miserable condition; if the experience is interrupted – with the return to organic life – before the Ego manages to be helped and saved by an external entity, it is left with the memory of a completely negative and painful event, to remove which it often has to work hard)

Sometimes the Ego succeeds in experiencing the Spirit dimension(for its distinguishing features, the experience of the Spirit dimension remains an extraordinary, unforgettable and absolutely meaningful event for the conscious Ego as regards its evolution and the purpose of its existence; consequently, those who have not had this experience should feel an intense desire to be able to do it at the end of their organic life, unless their Ego is still too immature to appreciate its importance; in the condition of our organic life, however, the conscious Ego has to face many difficulties in interpreting and adequately understanding the existing interactions between the Spirit energy and that of the human psyche)

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   THE BORDER OF DEATH (July 2023)

Being interested in death(although some cultural conditioning programs widespread in our era are intended to make us function as if human life were eternal, death – meant as the definitive cessation of the functioning of our organism, followed by its decomposition – is a certainty, and none of us can avoid it: therefore it is well understandable how such an important event can be the object of our conscious Ego's interest)

The results of dealing with mediumistic communications(many communications obtained through mediums – some of which have also been reported and evaluated on this site – contain information regarding the possible continuation of the existence of the conscious Ego after the death of its organism, and the experiences that await it in spiritual dimensions; not infrequently the information obtained through one or the other medium are in conflict with each other, even on issues of fundamental importance, and sometimes the same communicating entity gets confused or contradicts itself when asked to explain some of its statements in a more precise way; therefore the impression remains that the dynamics of the human psyche often intervene, in one form or another, heavily influencing the contents of these communications)

NDEs as sources of information about the spiritual Ego's experiences(NDEs, while being intrinsically subjective experiences, have the advantage of having actually been experienced by the conscious Ego of those who are then able to report them, and – despite their diversity – some show evident similarities; of particular interest to us are those in which the Spirit dimension experienced by the conscious Ego, who feels completely detached from its own organism, presents completely different qualities compared to those determined by the bipolar energy of the human psyche, to which our Ego has become accustomed while being subject to them during its organic life)

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The fate of the Ego of those who in life have hurt others(the perception of evil's existence has always marked the experiences of organic life, and consequently the fate of the spiritual Ego of those who knowingly and voluntarily cause pain and suffering to other human beings has assumed a remarkable importance in the evaluation of the possible experiences in otherworldly dimensions; in the book by Edmonds and Dexter this theme is treated by the communicating entities in a superficial and unconvincing way, since the condition of the conscious Ego – involved in the dynamics of the psyche which characterize our organic life – is often confused with that of the spiritual Ego; the latter should in any case feel progressively attracted by the Spirit dimension – as claimed by those same entities – rather than regressing towards a lower dimension due to the weakness shown in facing the challenges imposed on the conscious Ego by human life)

The fate of the spiritual Ego of those whose organism dies prematurely(also the information that the entities communicating through Dexter's mediumship offer us regarding the fate of those whose organism dies before the time, that is when their conscious Ego is still in the formation or development stage, is scarce and unconvincing, since they imply an interpretation of the development path of the spiritual Ego that could do without the experience of organic life – without therefore having to deal with the dynamics of the human psyche – but they do not explain what the advantage, or necessity, consists of for the Ego to experience this organic life, during which it runs the risk of being attracted by the dynamics of the psyche's negative polarity, to the point of identifying with them)

The meaning and purpose of human life(according to the entities Sweedenborg and Bacon, human life is only the initial phase of an evolutionary path that will take place gradually in the various spheres of the spiritual dimension; however these entities do not deal with the question of the effects and consequences that the involvement in the dynamics of the human psyche cause for each conscious Ego – on the basis of the resources available to each Ego, which can vary significantly from one individual to another – with sufficient lucidity: these dynamics determine our personal destiny in this life, and to some extent, according to what they affirm, also in the spiritual dimension; this implies that even the spiritual Ego is contaminated – at least as regards the lower spheres in which it must dwell for some time – by the psyche's bipolarity, in a similar way to what happens in our world)

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The Ego's progression in the spirit-world(many of the mediumistic communications reported in the book by Edmonds and Dexter concern the existence of the conscious Ego in what the entities call the spirit-world, which should be considered as a parallel dimension to that of the physical universe in which we humans currently live; the evolutionary process of the spiritual Ego in what they call the spheres – that is, successive planes of existence in which the spirit advances as it progresses, dwelling in each of them for a more or less long time – is first exposed by the entities in a rather confused way, to then be explained more clearly)

The Ego's life in the otherworldly spheres(after the death of its organism, the conscious Ego leaves the sphere of this world and, based on the level of spiritual evolution achieved during its human life, moves to one of the spheres of the afterlife, taking a new organism predisposed to live in that abode; always according to what is reported in a more or less understandable way in the book Spiritualism, this organism would still have a material consistency, but it would be composed of an ever more rarefied and refined matter as the Ego progresses from one sphere to a higher one, until the spiritual Ego reaches that level where it can do without any contamination of a material order)

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   JUDGE EDMONDS' INVESTIGATIONS – Part Three (April 2023)

The introduction by Dexter(although we have little information about the personality of Dr. George T. Dexter, his relationship of friendship and close collaboration with Judge Edmonds leads us to believe what he writes in his introduction; very interesting are Dexter's observations regarding the process through which – since he could not convince himself of the interaction of alien or spiritual entities as decisive collaborators in the production of mediumistic phenomena – he was forced to experience on his own organism, in contrast with his will and determination, the effects of powers endowed with an intelligence of their own and an autonomous intent, independent of his own, who eventually managed to get the upper hand on his ability to control, forcing him to take on the role of a writing medium)

A mental dimension still influenced by human psyche(the communications obtained through Dexter's automatic writing are largely influenced by the human psyche, starting from the attribution to the entities who signed themselves Bacon and Sweedenborg; the problem of interference from the psyche's tunings of the medium or the sitters is posed by the same alien entities, who openly claim they encounter not a few difficulties in controlling the translations of their communications, which sometimes turn out to be confused or misleading; of remarkable interest are the references to the influence that inorganic entities can exert on the mind of some people, by inducing into the flow of the psyche's attunements involving the conscious Ego thoughts, emotions and feelings having the connotations of sacredness and divinity; however, we have to recognize that the same influence can be exercised by other entities with purposes that are not exactly benevolent, if not downright evil; ultimately, the fact of transferring the bipolar tensions that characterize the human psyche to the dimension of inorganic entities does not help us much during our human life)

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The introduction by Edmonds(in the long introduction to his book, Judge Edmonds explains not only the reasons that prompted him to investigate mediumistic phenomena, but also those for which - from being a skeptical observer - he later became a supporter of spiritualism; after his wife's death in November 1850, he went through a period of crisis and insomnia in which he read everything he could find about death and the possible continuation of the conscious Ego's existence; following a subjective experience in which he heard his wife's voice pronounce a sentence in a way that seemed real to him, in January 1851 – at the urging of a lady friend – Edmonds began to frequent some mediums assiduously, taking note of all the phenomena he witnessed and trying to understand how they could be explained and interpreted; through a careful examination of the most important points of Edmonds's introduction, we can form an idea of the mental processes by which an intelligent, very active and energetic person, who held a prominent public office, coped with those phenomena, which no doubt challenged the conventional order established by the ordinary programs of the human psyche)

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   JUDGE EDMONDS' INVESTIGATIONS – Part One (February 2023)

The personality of John W. Edmonds(in 1853, in the initial period of the rapid diffusion of modern spiritualism in the United States, the book Spiritualism was published, whose author, New York judge John W. Edmonds, was a public figure of undisputed integrity and recognized civil and cultural commitment; throughout his industrious life Edmonds was constantly busy – displaying an uncommon energy – not only carrying out various tasks in the legal, political and juridical fields, but also in the reorganization of the New York State prison system: in order to make it less inhuman and more efficient, he promoted and founded the Prison Association, also with the aim to support the social reintegration of released convicts)

Judge Edmonds' interest in mediumistic phenomena(the fact that Judge Edmonds published a book on spiritualism, openly declaring his belief in the genuineness of various mediumistic phenomena and in the possibility of communicating with the spirits of the deceased, caused him hostile attacks by influential newspapers and political and religious personalities; at that time the rapid spread of spiritualism in the United States was viewed with concern by some establishment power groups, as well as being dogmatically opposed by many ecclesiastical authorities; Edmonds was well aware of the repercussions that his public stance would have on his juridical and political career, but he considered his duty to defend loyally and firmly what, on the basis of his careful investigations, had become true and right for him)

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The difficulty of developing reliable knowledge(given that eight years have already gone by since this site went online, it seems appropriate to me to present a first evaluation of the goals that I have set and on the validity and effectiveness of the methods used to pursue them; the difficulties faced in evaluating the reliability of information on mediumistic phenomena can be overcome on the basis of the trust that some of those who have transmitted this information inspire in us, on the large number of concordant testimonies regarding the observed physical events and – in some cases – on audiovisual recordings; as for NDEs, since they are merely subjective experiences, we can rely on the sincerity of most of those who tell us about them, on the high number of such experiences and on the concordances of some elements of theirs)

The evaluation of our mental elaborations(the mental elaborations that can be considered interesting with the purpose of spreading information are those relating to facts and events that can be ascertained by any normally reasonable person, or to events and experiences – even subjective – that are not verifiable: in the latter case the correctness of the information depends on the trust that is attributed to the source from which the testimony comes, which must be considered sincere and honest; all the interpretative elaborations that cannot be validated through an effective verification method fall within the speculations generated by the psyche – whose possible convincing power depends on the dynamics of the collective psyche – which do not present a real value as an increase in our knowledge)

Advantages and limits of language(the difficulty of translating the complexity of certain non-ordinary experiences into language terms is often manifested with the expression «it cannot be expressed in words»; but also in dealing with issues relating to the dynamics of the human psyche, or to border experiences in which the dimension of our organic life seems to interact with other dimensions, not a few difficulties must be faced in order to communicate with sufficient effectiveness, through a language that can be precise and understandable for the intellectual faculties required of those to whom the communication is addressed, the interpretative elaborations of the observed facts)

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