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You can write about the topics dealt with on this site at I will do my best to answer. Regarding the topics dealt with in the sections life on earth and human psyche, literature is vast and a search on the internet allows you to find many interesting sites, both in Italian and in English, that deepen the related themes.  

In the section about non-ordinary states of consciousness, for what concerns the research about dreams you may consult the site of International Journal of Dream Research, a periodical in English published by Heidelberg University. Another site is the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD), active sincel 1983 at Berkeley University. Also in California is headquartered the International Institute for Dream Research (IIDR). The most interesting site dealing with lucid dreams is Stephen LaBerge's Lucidity Institute. On this page you can read an interview with an oneironaut (Beverly D'Urso) who has worked extensively with LaBerge. Another site in English, with images and captivating stories is The World of Lucid Dreaming. A guide that shows some techniques for achieving lucid dreams is available on this page of the site, which deals – with a certain lighthearted attitude – with the meaning and symbolism of dreams.

You can read examples of lucid dreams in Italian on the site One more site in Italian, with references to LaBerge's research, is sogno lucido. Anyway, just type «lucid dream» in a search engine to find a large quantity of more or less interesting material. Many books are also available.   

About OBEs, Giorgio di Simone's book Esperienze fuori dal corpo may be found at many booksellers, even online. Robert Monroe's first book, Journeys out of the body, can be read as ebook, as well as his second one, Far Journeys. On this page there is a list of William Buhlman's books. Robert A. Monroe, who died in 1995, founded in 1978 the Monroe Institute for the development of consciousness, based in Virginia. Also for OBEs, through a search engine you can find information of all kinds. Regarding the testimonies of experiences with psychoactive substances, the most interesting sites are Lycaeum and Erowid.

The reference site on NDEs is International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS). Other interesting sites with many NDE testimonies are Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife, Horizon Research Foundation and Near-Death Experiences Research Foundation (NDERF) by Jeffrey and Jody Long. The literature on NDEs is abundant, and a search on the internet allows you to find many texts and articles, both in English and in Italian. The best text currently available is The Handbook of Near-Death Experiences: Thirty Year of investigations.

About psychical research the websites to consult are: Society for Psychical Research (SPR), Parapsychological Association, American Society for Psichical Research and Institute Métapsychique International. Among Italian sites we can report: CSP in Bologna, Associazione Italiana Scientifica di Metapsichica (AISM) in Milan and Fondazione Biblioteca Bozzano De Boni, in Bologna too.

Among the sites where it is possible to find information on mediumistic phenomena (section psychic phenomana) and on mediums' biographies, as well as many articles by researchers and scholars and extensive bibliographic references, it should be mentioned Survival After Death, which also has a freely available online library. The Library of Exploratory Science site has a very rich library about everything related to paranormal and psychical research, including all the years of the Proceedings and Journal of SPR. By registering you get a free consultation, afterwards consultations are paid (free for SPR's members only for SPR's publications). On Survival E-books many books on spiritualism and survival are available free of charge. Various books (in French) are available in the Bibliothèque Spirite on the site Le Sanctuaire, devoted to spiritualism. Over a thousand books (in English) can be viewed or downloaded on the site The Spirit Archive. In any case, being almost all books on mediumship now free from copyright, through a search on the internet it is possible to find all the most interesting texts, in English or in French. 

Silvio Ravaldini's book Realtà e Mistero in the past it was sent as a gift to those who joined the Fondazione Biblioteca Bozzano De Boni. To know if the book is still available, contact the website of the Fondazione, which also sends the quarterly magazine Luce e Ombra to its members. Backlogs of the magazine can also be requested via the website. Used copies of Realtà e Mistero can be found on the web (for sale).