The history of an Italian medium: part 6



Communications of the guide Marzo Veritieri

As is clear from the minutes, up to 1939 three entities manifested to which the sitters recognized the role of guides, that is, high-level entities that had the function of presiding over the proper conduct of the séances, to watch over the well-being of the medium and the sitters, and to guarantee the good intentions of the other entities that intervened. The guides were therefore present at each sitting: they were usually the first to communicated and decided when the séance was to end. The sitters considered them as friends and protectors. Two of these guides, who called themselves Marzo Veritieri and Amato Cellini, they were often present together, and they showed up since the first sitting in direct voice recorded in the minutes (that of May 20, 1938). These two entities had already manifested themselves, as we have seen, in the period of exclusively rapping communications. A third guide, called Luciano, was introduced by Amato, in the séance of November 9, 1938, as the guide (in the afterlife) of Boris Chiti, died in the motorbyke accident we referred to in the 5th part. In the following sitting (November 14, 1938), Luciano took the place of Amato (who nevertheless continued to manifest himself for a few months), to fulfill its role as a guide until the interruption of the sittings at the end of 1940, due to the departure of the medium, called to military service because of the war.    

We have already mentioned the phenomena produced by Marzo and Amato. Many pages of the minutes are also dedicated to the transcription of the communications by these guides, even if Ravaldini believed that what had been transcribed represented only a part of what was actually communicated. The guide Marzo had a sweet voice and a warm and friendly tone. In the recorded conversation of 1973 the Chesi cousins, recalling that period, said that to them the voice of Marzo was so sweet and loving that it could not be compared to any human voice. The sitters, and in particular the members of the Franchi family, showed almost a feeling of veneration towards Marzo. The communications of this entity often had an edifying character, and only occasionally did they refer to events in the physical world. On May 20, 1938: Marzo speaks of a poetry which very closely approaches the definition of «Who is God», and recites it several times to allow us to easily learn it by heart and write it down. The following poetry, titled Che cosa è Dio (What Is God), typewritten on a separate piece of paper, has been inserted in the minutes booklet.

Nell'ora che nel bruno firmamento
Comincia un tremolio
Di punti d'oro, d'atomi d'argento,
Guardo e domando: dite o dolci stelle,
Dite: che cosa è Dio?
È luce, mi rispondono le stelle.

Quando all'april la valle, il monte, il prato,
I margini del rio,
Ogni campo dai fiori è festeggiato,
Guardo e domando: dite o bei colori,
Ditemi, cosa è Dio?
Bellezza, mi rispondono quei fiori.

Quando il tuo sguardo innanzi a me scintilla,
Amabilmente pio,
Io chiedo al lume della tua pupilla:
Dimmi, se il sai, bel messagger del core,
Dimmi, che cosa è Dio?
E la pupilla mi risponde: Amore!

Apart from some details, it is the text of a poetry by Aleardo Aleardi. On June 5, 1938: Marzo speaks with his voice so sweet and says that he prays so that the matter does not win the spirit. And on the following June 9: Marzo shows up and tells us that the blows we hear (rappings) are not produced by fingers, but are air gaps of the fluid emanations that Mercury sends us. The ectoplasm, says Marzo, is used to glue the atoms of matter that are in the air, so that we can have the materializations. Upon your passing away, when you fall into unconsciousness, you will see the road traveled and the way to go; then we'll have to believe by force, then belief is necessary as nourishment for the body. How could face the unknown, the Infinite,he who has never believed? So we try to reincarnate ourselves to well operate, but matter sometimes wins us and we get still worse. To improve as spirits it takes millions of years. Marzo continues: "With faith everything is obtained. Someone can ask: why did God give us birth? Could not always keep us with him? Knowing this is forbidden by the law of God. We were born by the will of Infinite. He puts us into evil, which is matter, to draw from it the good that is the spirit, and gives us this trial and then let us return to him. Remember that God has given us full freedom both in believing and in acting".   

On June 12, 1938, a séance was held in Florence, on the initiative of a doctor who had participated in the sittings of Castelfiorentino, in which some professors  took part, who wanted to verify the phenomena produced by the medium. The minutes so report it: Marzo shows up and speaks of life that is eternal; he says that we are all reincarnated and we make an infinite evolution. He speaks of the medium that is very strong, and still says that ectoplasm serves for materializations. He says that the brain receives electricity through the tree of life like a lightning rod, and there too there are explosions. This current is received from two stars that are not inhabited: one of these sends simple vibrations, the other sends them double. He also says that our dynamo serves to retain these vibrations. Now is asked to Marzo if he wants to materialize because they would be very pleased to see him, and he replies: "I will show myself to my friends of Castelfiorentino whom I love so much, afterwards we will see". (Someone asks) "Would it be possible to build a machine like the medium?" "I do not think so. We can not know everything, but only what we are allowed to know. And yet say that sometimes you put in your head things that even we do not know how to explain; there are too many laws in the infinite". At the end of this séance Marzo continued to speak even while a red light was projected onto the medium's face, causing him to awaken. Several participants were thus able to observe Urbino's mouth, absolutely still, and to hear at the same time Marzo's voice in the air.

Here is a series of communications by Marzo, with the date of the minutes: (June 20, 1938) Marzo shows up and repeats the prayer that Jesus Emmanuel did to the Infinite: "Our Father who are in the heavens, you who see everything and everything can do, you exist, I know, it is my spirit that tells me that you exist, and I love you. Father, from you we come and to you we must return; let us walk in the path of good so that, leaving our body, we can always get closer to you, who have created us".

(July 5, 1938) Marzo speaks: "Not to praise us, because here there are no praises, but the higher spirits can be counted on the ten fingers. I touched a light that I seemed to touch God himself. By the laws of the Infinite, I will have to leave. A star, billions of times larger than the sun, emits a blue ray; there are still two bigger and more beautiful stars that speak of God himself. The isolation of the red ray will lead to healing certain diseases, but when it is time, nothing will help to stay in the body".

(July 12, 1938) Marzo shows up, and says: "Think at least once a day to the Infinite that you call God, which is the same. Do not think always to him, because it would hurt your brain. When you pray to him, use a few words spoken by the spirit: my God, you exist, I know it, my spirit tells it to me; I pray you, always give light to all my dead loved, attracting them more and more to you, and spread over them the blue light that purifies. I, after my work, went out alone in the countryside contemplating, embracing the plants and caressing the crops; I stared for long at the stars that speak of God. You too, look at the stars , and you will often meet those eyes that so much contemplated them. You will ask: Why were we born? We are born for the will of God who wants to draw good from evil; for every spirit in matter undergoes the test of believing and operating. God is wisdom, and as a father forgives his son who has done something wrong, and makes him do the same thing so many times, until he does it well, so God tests us with reincarnation until we have worked well. But what are seventy or more years compared to eternity? It is matter that passes, not time".     

"When we have acted badly, at our passing away we need to have a guide, who helps us and encourages us to reincarnate. So let's say: I reincarnate to do good and I want to do it in every way. We all reincarnate to do good, but matter sometimes wins and we worsen again. The spirit always incarnate people, never things or lower animals". Marzo goes on: "Another will say: why did not God always keep us with him without these alternatives? Even I do not know this, only he can know it. We come from a great light from which we detach ourselves like a lot of sparks spread out from the red-hot iron of a blacksmith when he beats it. If eternal life did not exist, it would be as if the sun, which is the star of life, would deny us its light, and this would be a monstrosity. But in truth I tell you that God exists; you can never go wrong when you have the truth itself as a guide. If we throw a bone that we do not need to a dog, he looks at us, shows us his joy and wags his tail in gratitude. We, on the contrary, who are given everything by God, deny him, treat him badly. Let's keep well these four things in our mind: God is Love, Beauty, Wisdom, Light. A small flower that arises inside a hedge in a place where no one can enter, or that can not be seen by any eye, what was born for? It is born, and grows and blooms, to thank its creator; not for you. Think of Infinity and of us, at your passing. I did not need a guide; when it arrived, I was already in my place. Light to everybody".

(August 23, 1938) After a few moments we hear the loving voice of Marzo greeting us: "Friends, light to everybody". He then says that he has been absent from us by the laws of the Infinite, and speaks to us of what we call electricity: this comes from Jupiter and Mercury. This current, which there are no obstacles to restrain, serves the infinity of matter. The meeting of these two currents gives rise to life; even our tree of life, which is located behind our brain, receives these two currents, and here happen the discharge and the bursts as on a lightning rod. Then Marzo continues: "The lightning that occurs between your clouds, is caused by two contrary currents of Jupiter and Mercury, which meet giving rise to a new  energy; if the currents are of the same nature, they merge. A man who is called crazy, it's like that because he has a somewhat altered tree of life that is not able to receive well. As I already said, there is a star billions of times bigger than the sun, which emanates a blue ray, and this ray helps us. I tell you this because I am an higher entity, and very high entities are counted on the ten fingers; this I tell you, not to praise me, because there are no praises here. Animals only have life, while man also has the spirit that is the genius and masterpiece of the Infinite. Light to everybody: blue ray to your spirit and red ray to your body. If, as I already said, you could isolate that ray coming from the sun, it would help a lot your bodies. Light".    

(September 6, 1938) Marzo shows up: "Light to everybody; do not mind if my voice decreases; it depends on the nouris which are low, due to their variation. What you call insanity is nothing but a current badly received. Those whom you call scientists, the more they study and the more they depart from the truth; only with faith everything is obtained because God has given everything. Faith can not be taught, but one has it. Those who have never believed, in a starry night look at the firmament and say, observing: «What a greatness!» To say this word is like saying God. On their passing they will need to believe by force of things; then belief will be necessary to them as food is now  necessary to your body. God always forgives, even if he tests us as does a teacher, who sees the schoolboy cry because he has make mistakes in his work, caresses him, encourages him, rips the sheet of the wrong task and makes him do it again. The fact of higher or lower spirits is not a height, but it is higher or lower vibration. God is Love, Beauty, Wisdom and Light. I always repeat the same things because they make you get more light. The spirit that only to man has been given is the masterpiece of the Infinite. Light to all".   

(September 12, 1938) Marzo speaks: "Friends, light to everybody, even those who are not present, and newcomers. I repeat to you, if you were to face difficult things in your life, even if your body suffered for a long time, never swear; this infinity of evils are there by laws that the Infinite established. We must always endure them, thinking of the Infinite that is God. In the matter, which is evil, God tests all the spirits weighing the good and the evil that each one has. Sudden death is caused by the interruption of the reception of the tree of life, which no longer receives the current coming from two stars. The death that comes to a robust child due to any trifle, is because that child has completed his cycle on Earth. Some current is also received by the Earth; the formation of diamonds etc. is due to this current that always carries with it the atoms of certain matter, part of which remain at the earth's surface, while others go deep inside forming minerals. The blue color you see looking at the sky, the sea and the mountains far away, if you ask science what it is that produces this blue, and it will answer that it is due to the great mass (of air). Instead, think that a great star billions of times bigger than your sun emanates a blue ray. Remember that, for you, I am Marzo Veritieri: Marzo, month that strengthens, Veritieri deriving from veritas. I'm sorry, the nours of the right side are low, do not mind if my voice gets away. These things, do not call them phenomena, but reality of the afterlife. By making the low entities swear on the supreme light, they are forced to tell the truth, because otherwise, precisely in the name of truth, it would be like denying God. Our light is vibration; my light is a vibration higher than many other vibrations, and allows me to see where the blue ray comes from. When you think about it, in the moment you are thinking, we will touch you. We are not with you only when you hear our voice; even your dead are often with you"  

(November 4, 1938) Marzo greets us: "Friends, light to everybody; you always have faith, and only this is needed. We are always in the laws of the Infinity. Even if incarnated, a spirit can feel the thought, feeling like a certain melancholy that purifies it. Any problem can be solved with love. Remember that in séances you have to behave as it should; who is sleepy, go to sleep; who believes, believe; who does not believe, light to their spirit. If Amato had to tell you this, he would have said otherwise, but I do not like it. Light to everybody, even to those who did not come".     

(November 20, 1938) Marzo communicates: "Friends, light to everybody. When you were at the table you called them phenomena; call them instead reality of the afterlife. You can not doubt when you have the truth itself as a guide. Remember that there is freedom in men both in believing and in acting; at their passing they will realize it. When I gave you those stones, it was a gift only to you: keep them closed, Gino; no publicity if you care about them. A good parent who has two children, one beautiful and the other ugly, makes no distinction of affection between them, but loves both with the same love. So God does towards all of us, and so do we entities. You, too, do not just love the beautiful, but also the ugly. About the medium, you never doubt, he is in our hands, if we had them. The sitting, do it when you want; just put your thought in the machine, and we will come".  

(January 2, 1939) Marzo: "Friends, light to everybody. It has been a long time since you heard me because I was following the laws of the Infinite, beautiful laws not made by men. Another one comes to you by the name of Luciano, who is very good and who I knew in my day. He has reincarnated many times, but he only remembers his last incarnation because, precisely, we only remember the last one. Remember that the more the spirit stays in the matter, the more it evolves. We have neither length nor width; we have the Infinite, and as for time, the eternity. When one has passed away, if he has not witnessed genuine séances such as these, he finds himself like stunned; he tries to do his usual things and he can not, and that's when he needs a lot of guidance to realize it. This guide can come at once, or even after a day, as you count time, and then he realizes that he has not so much light. The vibration springs from the body at the time of the passing. My light makes me see how you see; for me not even the atom, as you call it, exists, and I see the formation of matter. I see your Earth as transparent as you see a cloud. Act well, and you will have a reward. I will show you also how the medium receives. One who was the leader of a circle in Rome has passed away and has reincarnated about forty days ago". It is reported to Marzo that the provost of Castelfiorentino, when he learned that these séances were held, preached and made other priests preach against spirits and spiritualists, adducing the now too exploited tale of diabolical intervention, and Marzo replied: "Friend, the priest has always existed since the most remote times, and he is always the same. And what does he want to talk about the devil, if the devil is he himself? Read the gospel which, however intricate, also always contains something good, and do not do as those black rags teach. Always do good, forgive those who hurt you. Love each other, as I love you. In truth I tell you that they will recognize you as my disciples if you will love each other; that's right. Tonight a a fluid is low; to insist again would be a crime, the medium's reception would cease. Light to everybody". The final statement: they will recognize you for my disciples if you will love each other, is quite surprising if referred to Marzo: it is probably a quote from the gospel made by the entity.   

(January 24,1939) Marzo: "Friends, light to everybody. As I already told you, the moment of passing is not painful; it is like a fainting, the same; and when one feels he is recovering from this fainting, he has already passed away and is more alive than before; so it is. In pure truth I tell you that not even your body dies, but returns raw matter to give life to other bodies through the beautiful laws of the Infinite. It is up to the father and mother to teach children to be loving and wise". (In a moment of pause there is an apport of a vase with flowers Which an invisible hand gives us from the middle of the curtains, while we hear the voice of Marzo that says: Take them as well). Marzo: "Think that you have gone long back in time, but what I have promised I keep; I always liked to tell the truth. In the days you call long ago, people believed more than you do; they greeted the light at sunrise, and prayed at sunset, and were closer to the truth. Now you say you have progressed, but instead you are full of hatred and ambition. Yet God is so good that on your passing he will not allow you to lose yourself in the infinite, but you will have your guide that would give his light so as not to see you suffer. So you see how much love exists among us! I go now; light to all". In this sitting, after a long time, an apport phenomenon occurs.  

This is the last direct communication by the entity Marzo reported in the minutes, but Ravaldini reported another interesting episode, which had Marzo as protagonist: «The careful attention that this guide had towards my family, never failed to show. It was love that was put in act, we understood it very well, from a superior being. But everything was done with simplicity. We children slept in rooms not far from the one where the séances were held, and the doors were always left open. One evening, while Marzo was talking, my brother woke up and began to cry. The sitters were all seated and intent on listening to the words of the guide. My mother asked Marzo for permission to get up and leave for a short time, not only because her baby woke up, but also because leaving the room could disturb – as many people attended the sitting – breaking that harmony of thinking that is so necessary during the séance. Marzo replied: "I'll go". The baby almost immediately stopped crying and perhaps fell asleep. Marzo resumed his talking and the sitting went on. After a while my brother started crying again. Marzo interrupted his speech and from the child's soft weeping, the sitters thought that somehow he took care again. Immediately afterwards, however, he said: "Now the baby wants his mother. So go to him". My mother found her baby awake, but quiet». 

I reported Marzo's communications (as I did and I will do for communications of other entities) exactly as they result from the minutes, refraining from commenting on them, since my intention is to publish an useful and important documentation. However, the absence of comments does not imply my uncritical acceptance of the contents of these communications. In the case of the entity Marzo, for example, my impression is that of being in front of a singular set of moral and ethical thoughts and exhortations, mixed with bizarre and fanciful unfounded statements about some phenomena of physical reality.      

Communications of the guide Amato Cellini

The notes reported in the minutes of Amato's communications are numerous, and with regard to their content, they can be divided into three groups: communications of cosmic subject, stories of the lives of Christ and Simon Peter, and communications on other topics. As for the voice of Amato and the tone of his speech here is what Ravaldini wrote: «Amato… manifested with a strong personality that revealed a man of action, endowed with an uncommon will. His speech inspired respect through a certain authoritative tone, but it also conveyed the goodness and love that all our guide entities showed to have. One particular feature had his voice: he spoke a correct Italian, but almost spelling out every word».

Communications of cosmic subject

These are communications of a kind similar to what we would call today science-fiction (the same can be said about some communications by Marzo). On May 22, 1938: Also Amato shows up, who says that there are two stars that send us vibrations at a frequency of seven thousand in one thousandth of a second and are accumulated by our body and then make our nerves act. These vibrations have always existed and also serve for the metals of the Earth. When the currents of these two suns meet, that is, they encounter contrary currents on Earth, the lightning occurs.
On May 24 other details are given: Amato shows up and talks a lot about certain stars. He says that on Venus there are inhabitants as on Earth, only they have a little more reddish skin, but they are more advanced than us; even there they make séances like we do and have their mediums as we have on Earth. The inhabitants of Venus work an hour or two a day, being a lot of work done by machines that are set into motion by an electric current that is picked up by antennas made of a metal that can not be found on our Earth. They sow and harvest wheat and make bread like we do. There are far fewer diseases than those we have. Even Venus had its past. You too, Amato says, will soon get these things on Earth.
(May 26, 1938) Amato still speaks of the two stars emanating rays necessary for the life of our body. He repeats that there is life on Venus, and that this faith is much more developed than here… Marzo e Amato greet: "Light to the spirit and red ray to the body".
On June 1st, 1938, the topic is resumed: Amato Cellini communicates, saying: "Before, on your Earth that is much older than Venus, the climate was much sweeter because now the cosmic rays emanating from Mercury are disappearing, as Mercury is about to be reabsorbed by the Sun. From the star Venus, the stars are seen with many colors, and your Earth on which their telescopes are focused, appears to the inhabitants of Venus very bright. There is a star that I call the star of life, and above it we see like a motionless strip formed by so many shining stars in a row; but your telescopes do not come to see it".
Two more mentions the following June 26 and 28: Amato speaks of the sun that calls the star of life, and says: "If you could isolate the red ray, it would be very helpful to mankind; it would be easy with two glass prisms. Sugar is very good, it attracts red ray. Jupiter and Mercury are not inhabite; they also send electricity to the Earth, as well as to Venus, and send it to another star which has few inhabitants".  
(July 30, 1938) Amato he makes a drawing that shows how to operate to obtain the isolation of the red ray, but does not give any definitive explanation of how to operate.
(August 15, 1938) Amato goes on saying: "The red ray is a very rough fluid and it hurts us, but it is good for the bodies; the blue ray is good for us".
(August 18, 1938) We hear the voice of Amato, who speaks of the marvelous star emanating the blue ray, and says that on this star there are such subtle fluids that we can not know.
Finally, on December 26, 1938: Amato: "Blue light and red ray to the bodies. Never mind that ray".

Stories of the lives of Christ and Simon Peter

(June 5, 1938) With great pleasure for all the sitters there is Amato, who wants to speak of Simon Peter whom he knew in his time. Thus begins a substantial corpus of communications relating to episodes of Christ's life, with some references also to Peter's life. And if in the minutes many pages are occupied by these communications, it is probable that many other things, not transcribed, have been said. There are no other historical references to the earthly personality of Amato, apart from this in which he declares himself a contemporary of Peter. To return to the séance on June 5, here is what is reported by Amato: Peter met the Master at the age of 30 and passed away at about 50; he was of average height, sturdy and quick and he knew a lot about saber maneuvers, but he had much more faith than us. On June 12, 1938, in the aforementioned sitting held in Florence, someone of the sitters asked Amato which language was spoken by Jesus Emmanuel, and Amato replied: "Aramaic language with some Essene word". "How old was he when he begin to preach?" "He was 29; when he was 25 years old he lived among the Essenes, a tribe who lived with this faith. Jesus Emmanuel's mother was called Miriam, or Marina which is the same, his father was Joseph and they were almost the same age, maybe Joseph was a few years older"... Amato recites the Our Father in Aramaic language.   

In the same séance in Florence there occurred an episode that involved Marzo, not mentioned in the minutes but so reported by Ravaldini: «At a certain point one of those gentlemen – a professor – gets up from his chair and approaches the curtain that divides the two rooms, perhaps to look or – as is most likely – to find out where the trick is. My uncle Gino, loyal to the directives given by the guides, who always said that during the trance state the medium should not be touched for any reason, is immediately alarmed and asks the professor what he wants to do. He answers with a gesture of his hand, to make it clear that he will do nothing that could hurt the medium. In fact, he only slightly shifts the curtain to one side in an attempt to observe the behavior of the medium in the other room, while Marzo is speaking. Then he closes the curtain, but immediately has an afterthought and goes back to move it aside, trying to better penetrate into the darkness that reigns in the cabinet».

«It is at this point – during a pause in Marzo's speech –- that the voice of the courier blows up asking the professor, in the colorful language of his native village, what he wants, and telling him he is an ass in no uncertain terms. Immediately that gentleman returns to his chair, and shortly thereafter turns to Marzo with this question: "If you are an evolved entity, if you are really a guide at an higher level than many others, tell me what language is that in which I will now speak". And this professor goes on speaking an archaic language. Marzo replies: "You spoke Aramaic". The professor smiles and says, "Ah, I finally caught you! I did not speak Aramaic, but..." Marzo stops him: "You spoke a language you do not know" and goes on providing detailed explanations on the true origin of that language, adding that its roots were Aramaic and Essene. Of course, the professor continues to deny. Marzo replies, but since the conversation goes on and on without reaching a conclusion, the entity ends it with these words: " your passing you will notice it"». In this context a mention is made of Essene words, or Essene language. It should be remembered that the Essenes were not a population, but a Jewish sect, such as the Pharisees, the Sadducees, the Zealots or the Nazarenes. From an organizing point of view, they were something like a monastic order, with different degrees of initiation (Flavius Josephus, The Jewish War and Antiquities of the Jews). The languages spoken at that time in Palestine were Hebrew and Aramaic, there was no Essene language.    

On June 20, 1938, Amato was asked to speak about Simon Peter, who was friend of Jesus Emmanuel, and he says that Peter was a man of great faith and a very determined character. He says that he was killed while he went to pray together with three friends in a place called the three oaks, in a point where the ground was hollowed out, outside Porta Gloria near Rome. Everyone was killed; Peter had three or four stabs to the head and throat, and then their bodies were thrown to feed the beasts. He says that Jesus was baptized, and that this was a ritual to put a name.
On June 26, 1938, Amato speaks again of Jesus: When Jesus Emmanuel, at dawn on the day of the last supper, entered Jerusalem, everyone was shouting: Long live Jesus' law! Long live Jesus! We want him, we no longer want slavery, we are all equal! That evening the Master was very sad, and told Peter that he felt that he would soon pass away. Peter showed him his sword, to be used against anyone who had taken a hair from him. Jesus took that sword and threw it away, not seen by the others who spoke. During the supper (which was the last) Jesus spoke to his friends about so many beautiful things of the Infinite, and he was asked: Will we see God at once when we have passed away? He always answered with a few simple words: "Before the wheat is bread, many tweaks are necessary; who does not understand, I'm very sorry for him". While the Master was speaking, Peter went to take up the sword that Jesus had thrown away shortly before. After the supper they went, a few at a time, to the garden where they went to pray in the usual way; there were some olive trees, here and there bushes and flowers. It was everyone's use to kiss the Master on his arrival, and so was done also that evening. The last to arrive a little late was Judas, the youngest of all and so good. As soon as he had kissed Jesus, some soldiers came out of the bushes, who seemed to go to arrest the greatest bandit. Jesus did not resist, and the soldiers, surprised, retreated as if they were frightened. Zebedee, Benhur and Peter made many dead in that garden. Benhur wanted to put his armed men at Jesus' disposal, but Jesus told him: "Why weapons, if everything is obtained with love?" Peter was a fast and courageous man, who would have recourse to everything for his faith. Judas was not a traitor. The great temple where God is prayed is built, it is the Infinite that no one can ever break down. 

On the next June 28: Amato speaks of Jesus and the last supper, which took place in the house of Nicodemus, who was a member of the Sanhedrin. Peter sat on the right side of Jesus, and on the left John; then: Andrew, brother of Peter, James, Timothy; Benhur in front, etc, in all they were fourteen. A woman brought food on the table. The Master was very worried, he felt that something had to happen, and asked Peter: "What would you do if something were to happen to me?" Peter immediately showed his sword, but Jesus threw it away telling him: "You are as hard as a stone, I do not want so, you have too many vibrations, you accumulate too much energy on your nerves". Others asked Jesus if, after passing away, they would immediately see God, and he replied: "Before wheat is bread it needs many tweaks". After his arrest, Jesus was brought in front of Caiaphas to the Sanhedrin, and he was accused of having said that he would bring down the temple where the trades took place. Jesus Emmanuel so replied: "Yes, this is true, what are three boulders in front of the Infinite? This is my temple that I will build much more beautiful than yours, and no one can knock it down". In the meanwhile Peter was among the people, his sword was hidden, and trembled when he saw that they were whipping Jesus, who said to those who beat him: "If I said wrong, correct me; if I said well, why do you beat me?" Afterwards, Jesus was brought in front of Pilate who was consul of Tiberius. Pilate's wife had a deep understanding of Jesus' teachings, and tried to persuade Pilate that Jesus was innocent. Pilate asked the people if they wanted Jesus free or another condemned; and since the priests, to fanatize the people against Jesus, had given them a lot of gold, that same people cried out that they wanted Jesus' death. All of them were bought; those who did not sell themselves to the priestly gold were turned away. Pilate, after having had Jesus whipped to blood, showed him so battered to the people, to show them that he had punished him, but to no avail, and so Jesus, pure and innocent, was sentenced to death. After Jesus' passing the soul of his friends was darkened, because he was the true light that enlightened; it was not the sky to darken. 

Before the dawn of the day following the torment, Peter and Nicodemus went to take Jesus' body, carrying a ladder with them. When they had let down the cross, Peter succeeded, with the strength of his robust wrists, to remove the U-shaped nails from the wrists and feet of Jesus. These nails were four: one for each wrist and each foot. Once the nails were removed, they slowly folded his arms, and his whole body was spread with an essence obtained from certain plants; then they combed his hair (since he held his blond copper hair very well) and wrapped him all in a white cloth (the shroud). Then, using the ladder, they took him to a place owned by Nicodemus, near his home. Nicodemus, who was member of the Sanhedrin, but who had the faith taught by Jesus, said: "I do not fear even if they see me: he is dead, I do not care anymore about myself". Jesus' body was still anointed with aromas, another shroud was placed on it and he was transported to Capernaum near Genezareth, where he was buried. Now his body is all consumed. The first shroud in which Jesus' body was wrapped is the one which is now in Turin, and was brought there by pilgrims. When Jesus was crucified, no woman was present, not even his mother, because if she had been there she would not have resisted and would have died of pain. Jesus' eyes shone with light; when he looked at you, you felt very happy. He did not need a guide when he passed away. Everyone believed that Jesus had resuscitated with his body. Among those friends of Jesus there was one who had mediumistic power, and one evening they gathered just as you meet in these séances, and the materialized Master appeared to them. After Jesus passed away, some of his friends returned to work, others spread around the world to teach the truth. Peter went to Constantinople, and later to Rome where he was killed. There are many kinds of mediums; Jesus was the only one in your world, he also surpassed Moses. Miracles are explosions of nours that make a part of the body healed. Jesus did not resurrect anyone, and when Lazarus passed away, he said: "He lives more than ever. He who does not believe, I am so sorry".   

Sitting of July 5, 1938: Jesus Emmanuel, at the age of 25, went to a tribe of Essenes, who all dressed in white as a sign of the pure faith they had; at 29 or 30 he began teaching.
(July 10, 1938) Amato he says that Jesus passed away on Saturday in March, when the moon was full, the evening on the sunset at about half past five.
(July 25, 1938) Amato shows up: "Faith attracts me a lot. Where Jesus passed there flowers were born; where he spoke, there were those who understood him, and these were the flowers, not that they were born where he put his feet".
(November 9, 1938) "Jesus always prayed on the altar of nature, outdoors; it is much more worth, and the thought is more towards God. You say God, and it is well said; we say Infinity. The Master prayed always moving away from his friends who were with him, and very often he said: «Father you exist, and I love you». This, said with his spirit, not with his mouth; so he did not even seem to have a body. We are still in the laws of Infinity that rule us. How would we do without them?"
(November 28, 1938) "Jesus Emmanuel had only one brother, born and died before him. His mother's name was Miriam, or Marina, which is the same thing. She was beautiful and she was such a good mother; the son looked like his mother. Yes, she gave birth in a manger because she was taken by the pains of childbirth during a journey and was assisted by the other women who were in her group". 
(November 30, 1938) "Jesus passed away at age 34. When he died, our souls were greatly darkened, not the sky, because he was the true light and illuminated us a lot".
On December 26, 1938, Amato refers to Christmas: "Yesterday, many thoughts for that birth; he was born when the 13th moon made its first sickle; he was born in a manger. In those days, many families gathered together to go and report to Roman authorities for the census, because then it was Rome that ruled. Peter was born when the third moon of March was full, and Jesus died in this full moon, on the Sabbath, in the evening on the sunset. Great human crime was that! He wanted all people as equal, and he said: «Always do good, even if they beat you in a side, show them the other: with love everything is obtained, what love conquers will remain forever, what strength conquers, will sink». Peter came to Rome, his last mission, and remained there until his death. Think, when men will love each other, everything on Earth will be perfect". This is the last communication in direct voice by which Amato speaks of Christ.

Communications about other topics

On May 24, 1938, Amato refers to an episode of skepticism related to a séance in Naples: he tells us that he also went to certain sittings held in a circle in Naples, but they lost their faith, continues Amato, they turned on the light by surprise, spoiling everything and making lose the strength of the medium, and we, to let them see better in full light, shook the paintings hanging on the walls and moved all the furniture to remove their doubts.
Other times Amato gave advice, exhortations and even reproaches to the sitters. On June 1st, 1938, he said: "There are ambitions and preferences among you; if you do so I do not return here anymore, because this hurts my light, it weakens it a lot".
On the next June 5, Amato says that Homer existed and this was told from father to son until it was written. He speaks of dreams, and says that sometimes our spirit can move away from the body but always remains linked to it by a very subtle fluid, and so wanders and sees certain distant places; so it happens that we go (with our body) to certain places and we have the impression of having already been there, and we also recognize some details. It is precisely because the spirit has already been there, before the body. One of you, Amato says, has tried this. He tells us that we incarnate on Earth to do good, but matter sometimes wins us and we must do this test again to improve ourselves: "God, Father of the Infinite, is wisdom". Amato continues: "Certain inventions that man makes, they are inspired by the spirit, because it can remember certain fluids that exist in eternal life: if I reincarnated on Earth and could remember what I know now, I would astound the world".
On June 12, 1938, while some of the sitters went to Florence with the medium to hold there the séance we referred to, a violent storm broke out: We leave Castelfiorentino by car at 20.30, a group of six friends with the medium, under the raging of a water storm that increases and turns into a real hurricane when we are little more than halfway, and many others cars that preceded us had stopped at the side of the road. The thunderbolts that were continuously discharged to the ground seemed to want to block us, but we did not fear and prompted the driver to continue, confident that our spiritual friends would protect us. In fact, it was just like that and we had confirmation from Amato that said: "We have taken certain currents away from you: know that the elements are under our control, not us under the elements".
On June 20, Amato seems to want to test the sitters: After an expectation a little longer than usual, Amato shows up and says: "I'm disappointed that there is so much impatience in your bodies; you never have to worry about anything, never get angry; stop at once the séance". At this injunction of the guide, we proceed as usual with the red light to awaken the medium, but immediately the good Amato forgives and tells those who were about to help the medium to wake up: "Go to your place, quick". Then he continues: "Light to everybody. God is Love, Beauty, Wisdom and Light. Who adores these four things adores Him". Always in the same sitting a remarkable event occurs: Amato says that in a circle near Rome a sitting is held, and we ask him if he can greet the members of that circle. Amato satisfies our desire and returns the greetings of those friends who are: Mino Doro, Andreina Pagnani, Cesare Bongio. Then he says that even Mussolini, although rarely, attends to séances.   
About this circumstance, Ravaldini wrote in his book that there was the apport of a visiting card, with the signatures of the aforementioned actors, who were members, according to Amato, of the Roman circle. The card, which also contained Mussolini's signature, was kept by the medium in his wallet. The strangest thing, according to Ravaldini's story, was that after September 8, Mussolini's signature disappeared from the ticket, as if it had never been there, while the others remained. In relation to this circle of Rome, Ravaldini also told another episode. One day a Rome plated car stopped in front of the barber shop where Urbino Fontanelli worked, and some people asked for some water for the car's radiator. Subsequently, during one sitting, one of the guides said that those people were members of the Roman circle, to which the guide Marzo had mentioned the extraordinary faculties of the medium of Castelfiorentino, so as to induce them to make a trip to this town to see the medium in person, but without showing up. Unfortunately, no research was done to ascertain whether this Roman circle actually existed, and to contact its members. In the minutes of the sitinngs there is no mention of these facts, apart from the names given. The fact remains that, in 1942, while he was in Rome as a soldier, Fontanelli was searched for at the barrack where he was by a captain of the Bersaglieri, and was carried to an unknown building, among unknown people, to act as a medium in a séance (further details on this episode are given in part 7).

On June 26, Amato claimed that he had moved a painting on the wall in the home of one of the sitters: in Paolo Chesi home, which is close to the medium's, we have moved a painting which represents Ecce Homo, painted by the medium himself.
On June 28, he made some considerations about the embodied spirit: Two spirits can not stay in a single body. When a woman gives birth, that body that comes out of her is like a vessel where the spirit has to enter to make it work. The fact of the spirits on it is not true; it is a machine failure; this fact was invented at certain times. The body is matter and evil, the spirit is the good.
(July 10, 1938) Amato communicates by raps, saying that there is too much noise in a nearby cafe and that certain vibrations annoy the nours of the medium because they force them. After a while the noise ceases, and Amato says: "Think to Marzo who can give stronger fluids". (Then Amato speaks in direct voice) he says that fear does not exist, and that the sense of fear itself is caused by our organism which receives two forces, one on the right and the other on the left; when these forces are not received in equal measure, an imbalance occurs in the nervous system and one experiences what is called fear. He speaks of the passing, saying that when agonies are very long, the spirit can detach itself from the body even before that the latter has ceased all its functions; at most it can break away from the body even ten hours before. In the agonies during which consciousness persists, one sees the road made and the road to be done, and then one must necessarily believe, because believing is necessary as food to the body, and those who have acted badly are sorry, and say they want to go back to act better; after the vital forces are over, the spirit, always in consciousness, leaves the body. Sometimes, after the passing away, the spirit also wanders around the body for a day, without convincing itself of having to leave it. 
On July 12, 1938, there is a reference to the Etruscan writing: if you want to have sittings, you can try Monday from eleven to half past twelve; if we do not come, stop the sitting. In this period, even if you think to us during the day we can not touch on you. We ask if the Etruscan writing can be deciphered, and Amato replies: "It is easy, it is all about a postponement of letters; Marzo can tell you". We also ask if he knows whom a wax mask which is in the library of Castelfiorentino belongs to, and Amato says that they will tell us.
On July 27, Amato shows a certain irritation, which however does not seem justified: we are in a séance, the time set by Amato to meet us (half an hour) has already expired, and we are going to get up and stop the séance, when we hear the voice of Amato saying: "What are you doing? I said half an hour and no more; when I say a quarter it must be a quarter, and so when I say half an hour. Do not you know that it costs me a lot of light to stay here?".
(August 3, 1938) Amato says: "I saw the medium with his friend Gino who were on a trip to the countryside and watched the stars, giving them certain names".
(August 9, 1938) Amato shows up and says: "I was very quick, my brother was calmer than me. Pray on the altar of nature by observing the light and other beautiful things of the Infinite which is God; do not retreat between four walls. Now I get away for a few minutes". Amato shows up again, but immediately takes away the fluids from the medium because someone of the sitters thought and evoked another entity while he was communicating something else.
On August 15, Amato speaks on mediumship: Amato shows up and someone asks him about a woman who pretends to have a strong mediumship, and he replies that the woman in question has very little mediumistic strength, even to write. Instead, he says that another woman would have a rather good mediumistic strength.
(November 1st, 1938) By raps, Amato says: "Keep your thought focused". Then he makes voice, saying: "When you visit the deceased, imagine them and think of them as they were when alive with their body; your thought is good to them, it attracts them. Writing mediums, if for a long time always have (communications by) the same low  level entity, they have to stop for some time". Amato is asked if he can see inside an arm of a woman who has fallen, and he answers: "I see no fractures; when you are in the matter, you are subject to sickness".  
On November 9, Amato speaks of the entities that communicate by raps: We hear the usual signal of the guides followed by the voice of Amato who orders to close the curtains and leave a small gap so that the medium, awakening, does not have to be shocked; then Amato says: "When entities that communicate by raps come, pay more attention; paper and pencil are not lacking; so the nours are exploited less, and the light of entities is less weakened, because it is like when you say something and you are not understood, so much so that you feel sorry. When, by day and by night, you think of me, I will touch you, I thank for your prayers... (Then) your eyes stop a few vibrations.We have light that we do not see. If you wish us light, it is good for us, it is as if someone who has to go through a very rough path was given a lantern that illuminates its way". 
On November 28, 1938, Amato speaks about the people who can attend the séances: Amato shows up: "Friends, light to everybody. I hear you want to bring some people, do as you want; what you do is well done. God has given full power both in believing and in acting. But choose your flowers well. Blessed are those who believe without seeing. How much blue ray their spirit acquires! Consider the low entities too, they are not monsters, they are always superior to you".
Later Amato's communications are more concise. On December 4: Amato shows up: "Friends, light to everybody. For you I am Amato Cellini; I am the guide of Luciano, who improves with your thought. The thoughts of the incarnate and the spirits, as you call them, are good for each other. Light".  
(December 22, 1938) Amato: "Light; it's been a long time since you heard my voice, but this absence is by law of the Infinite. Luciano is right, the vibrations are wavy tonight. I can not answer your questions. Here remains Luciano, who is very good, and your thought makes him improve; now Luciano will speak better because the elements are under us, not us under the elements. Light to everybody".
On December 26, Amato mentions mediumship again: "When we want to communicate we lower to the medium that force that you receive from two stars, and so the medium falls asleep, thus allowing us to press on his spirit and communicate with you. Many who did not believe, when they passed away believed a lot. Light also to those who have not come".
(January 4, 1939) "Come often; lots of light also from Marzo. Repeat the séance in six days, to rest. How wonderful, if you could see what happens to your head when you sleep and also when you're awake! Things to be astounded. This medium, he is very suited to the voice. What do you do? Don't you work? I'm very sorry. My job was to fish. I pray for you. A lot of blue light to your spirit and red ray to your body. Light".
The last mention of a communication by Amato (also because then the minutes are interrupted) is dated February 16, 1939: Amato is asked about a sick young man who lives in Romagna, and he says to take him there with our thought... Amato comes back: "Friend, I've already been there with the fluids, but it cost a bit of effort to the medium. I saw, he was hot, but his matter resists; there were two women who thought of me, and I was forced to touch them. I pray the Infinite. I thank for your thoughts, light from Marzo, those who follow his words will have less need to reincarnate. Light"


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