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• The evolution of life on Earth

    The origin of life

    The evolution of life

    The origin of mankind and consciousness

    Cultures and conflicts of human societies

    The functioning of complex societies


• Human consciousness and psyche

    Human consciousness

    Consciousness, science, brain and mind

    Interview with Gerhard Roth

    Human intelligence and deception

    Science and the meaning of human life

    Consciousness and the discovery of unconscious

    Extraordinary powers attributed to unconscious

    The creative power of human mind

    The phenomenon of human psyche

    Dichotomy of human psyche about Nature

    The recording of life

    The Ego and the psyche: a troubled relationship



• Non-ordinary psychic experiences

    The quality of dreams

    Some examples of meaningful dreams

    Lucid dreams and controlled dreams

    A study of dreams by Frederik van Eeden

    OBEs - Out of the Body Experiences

    Experiences induced by psychotropic drugs


• Near Death Experiences

    The NDE of Palm Reynolds

    The light of eternity

    Howard Storm's NDE

    George Richtie's NDE

    Jayne Smith's NDE

    The strange case of Yuri Rodonaia

    Ned Dougherty's NDE

    Reinee Pasarow's NDE

    Arthur Yensen's NDE

    Lynnclaire Dennis' NDE

    The case of Mellen-Thomas Benedict

    Stefan Jankovich's NDE

    The story of Christian Andreason

    Josiane Antonette's NDE

    Juliet Nightingale's NDE

    Jeanie Dicus' NDE

    Linda Stewart's NDE

    Laurelynn Martin's NDE

    Olaf Sunden's NDE

    Nancy Evans Bush's distressing NDE

    An article by van Lommel

    Final (and non-definitive) considerations

    Evidence of a metamorphosis


• The amazing reality of psychic phenomena

    Apogee and decline of Spiritualism

    Richard Hodgson's investigations

    Etta Wriedt's mediumship

    Victor Duncan's research on survival

    Edward Brackett's Materialized Apparitions

    Materializations of persons and things

    Robert Bolton's Ghost in Solid Form

    Other experiments with materialized ghosts

    The strange case of Harry Price

    Soal's investigation on the identity of spirits

    The strange case of the entity Gordon Davis

    The alien spirit

    The end of an era?

    A renewed interest in mediumistic phenomena


• The life history of an Italian medium

    The history of an Italian medium: part 1

    The history of an Italian medium: part 2

    The history of an Italian medium: part 3

    The history of an Italian medium: part 4

    The history of an Italian medium: part 5

    The history of an Italian medium: part 6

    The history of an Italian medium: part 7

    The history of an Italian medium: part 8

    The history of an Italian medium: part 9

    The history of an Italian medium: part 10

    Other stories of the medium's life

    The dictation of a mediumistic novel

    Gocce di rugiada (Dew Drops): part one

    Gocce di rugiada (Dew Drops): part two

    Gocce di rugiada (Dew Drops): part three

    Gocce di rugiada (Dew Drops): part four

    Record of the second-last séance (audio)

    Record of the last séance (audio)

    The importance of the facts


• Psychical research and parapsychology

    Swedenborg's visions and Kant's remarks

    Studies on hypnotism from '800 up to date

    SPR's investigations on hypnosis

    Experiments on hypnosis: Myers' point of view

    Myers' method and the séances with Thompson

    The investigations and hypotheses of van Eeden

    Interpretative dualism of psychic phenomena

    Research in Italy between '800 and '900 - 1

    Research in Italy between '800 and '900 - 2

    Research in Italy between '800 and '900 - 3

    The «mission» of Ernesto Bozzano

    Theories on the spirit (or the Subliminal Self)

    Ugo Déttore: a philosopher of paranormal

    Joseph B. Rhine and scientific parapsychology

    Gustavo A. Rol's paranormal powers

    Limits of paranormal phenomena

    The psyche and the dual aspect of reality

    The two levels of reality

    Something else beyond the conscious Ego


• The possibility to exist after death

    The functioning of humans

    A debate on survival within the SPR 

    Ambiguity of survival according to Saltmarsh

    An interesting book by Hornell Hart

    The freedom from the human psyche

    The meaning of life and liberation of the Ego


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• Blog 2023

    The Ego and psyche problem (January)

    Edmonds' investigations - 1 (February)

    Edmonds' investigations - 2 (March)

    Edmonds' investigations - 3 (April)

    Edmonds' investigations - 4 (May)

    Edmonds' investigations - 5 (June)

    The border of death (July)

    The fate of the conscious Ego (August)

    Conclusions (September)


• Blog 2022

    Relationship life (January)

    The progress of humankind (February)

    Report on NDEs – Part one (March)

    Report on NDEs – Part two (March)

    What we are (April)

    Learning from life (May)

    The cosmic dance (June)

    Interactions of mental entities (July)

    The spirits and the Spirit (September)

    From the psyche to the Spirit (October)

    The hope for a better life (November)

    The human life phenomenon (December)


• Blog 2021

    The creativity of human psyche (January)

    Life and consciousness (February)

    Existence after death (February)

    Devices to support consciousness (March)

    The mystery of human life (April)

    Deities and Myths (April)

    The Spirit and the conscious Ego (May)

    A summary of the topics covered (June)

    Studies and research on NDEs (June)

    The Ego between body and spirit (July)

    The powers which control us (August)

    The Ego's resources (September)

    The Ego as Spirit emanation (September)

    Energies of the Universe (October)

    Emotive quality of experience (November)

    The Ego's transformations (December)


• Blog 2020

    The creative Mind (January)

    The alien matter (February)

    The credibility of a report (March)

    The Avatar and the Gamer (April)

    Psychic energy (April)

    The two sides of human life (May)

    Smart consciousness (June)

    The Universe and Nature (July)

    The brain and the psyche (July)

    Human dynamics (August)

    The path of the Ego (September)

    The control of the Psyche (October)

    Good and Evil (October)

    A book to be read (November)

    Psyche in space and time (December)


• Blog 2019

    April 2019

    May 2019

    June 2019

    The myth of the Spirit (June)

    Cleverness Memorandum (July)

    The weird case of Mediator (July)

    The spirit life (August)

    Communications of Cerchio FI77 (August)

    Conversations with entity A. (September)

    Strange life of the conscious Ego (October)

    The human automaton (October)

    The body's death (November)

    Virtual Reality (November)

    The mind's three levels (December)